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Relationship with X1 (32,452)
Let's be delusional just this once XD Inspired by this
your x1 energy (10,967)
ippeo ippeoyeo
School Life with X1 💙 (7,841)
Are you going to enjoy your school life with the boys? 🙈
Living with X1 (10,929)
This is what will happen when you live with X1 Inspired by
x1 members in you (3,372)
How many % of X1 members in you?
X1 as twitter moots (3,549)
You're now mutuals with X1 ❤️
x1 as your twitter mutuals (1,637)
yes im copying my own nct shindanmaker
0 x1 pdx by @cnehles
How you meet your X1 Soulmate? (1,126)
How will you meet your X1 Soulmate? (Just a fluffy scenario)
what&039;s your cliché au with a X1 memb... (509)
0 X1 by @xiyouns
When I debuted (413)
My ultimate bias in the kpop industry is lee eunsang and song hyeongjun x1.
x1 as your twitter mutuals! (324)
minhee main vocal
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