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RWBY Weapon Generator (235,858)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
Steven Universe Weapon (137,900)
You're a Crystal Gem!
RWBY Weapon Generator 2 (114,647)
What other weapon will you have in RWBY?
Your unique weapon (64,870)
You need an awesome weapon?SHINDAN TIME!
Your Ultimate Weapon (29,927)
What is your ultimate weapon?
Your Weapon Partner (11,288)
Welcome to the DWMA. It's time to meet your partner.
Your legendary weapon (8,426)
What weapon will you use for today's adventure?
Weaponizer (6,829)
Discover your Ultimate Weapon!
YOUR SWORD~ (6,400)
Are you a swordsman? No? Well... If you were, your blade would be like this.
Your best weapon and your most powerfull... (5,254)
Show your hidden power!
Your zombie apocalypse weapon (5,065)
What will you use to fight zombies?
Jay&039;s RWBY Weapon Maker (4,804)
fite me m8
underwear-->Weapon (4,165)
Inspired by PSG..what does your undies turn into?
Soul Weapons! (4,032)
What is your Soul Weapon?! And what magic comes paired with it?
Mount & Weapon (2,449)
Find out what your mount is and what weapon you carry into battle! Get a new one every day!
Sword Generator (2,349)
|| Lookin' for a new sword? How 'bout this one? If you ain't fond of it, come back to...
mahou shoujo weapon (1,809)
I cant believe it this is my 3rd shindan today -_-. Whats next??? Shoe generator? Oh my Fucking God
Which is your weapon of mass destruction... (1,561)
You can search for it once you get your answer. You'll be the world conqueror soon enough.
Morph Weapons Generator (1,298)
Generates Melee+Ranged Weapons for you! (Changes Daily; RWBY inspired)
Magic Fighters (1,257)
How would you fight as a mage?
What weapon does your digimon partner wi... (1,130)
Need an idea for what weapon your partner wields? Look no further.
Moe Wars: Custom Character Profile (788)
See what your character would be like if you were apart of the Moe Wars Universe.
Personality / Morph-Weapon / Role (779)
Just as the title states, this will generate a character sheet with a crazy morph weapon, created fr...
GBF: Revenant Weapon (501)
so... try it :)
Insane Weapon Generator (425)
Generate the weapon of your dreams
Rpg Weapons Generator (385)
What weapon would you wield in another world?
Whats your main weapon (348)
What is the main weapon you would use if you were a character in a game, show, movie or other media
The Box of Painful Junk (Weapon Generato... (264)
What weapon shall you wield? Come forth to the shiny box of pointy and blunt hurt-y junk to achieve ...
What’s your weapon? (247)
What weapon should you wield?
Your symbolic Weapon (71)
Lmao nevermind just making other stuff
Generic RPG Sword Generator (53)
Generates a random sword that is not from any particular RPG. It has a random name, material, design...
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