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Diagnoses on the theme of [Vocaloid].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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VOCALOID Generator (7,500)
What if you were a VOCALOID? Wooooahhhhh.
Vocaloid Generatorrrrrrrrrr (2,251)
what did you expect
Your Vocaloid self (3,867)
Just a little thing for vocaloid fans
VOCALOID's confession! (10,364)
A vocaloid confessed to you. Find out who it is and how it was!
Your UTAU (288)
I love UTAU it’s amazing! If you ever wanted to create one and have no ideas, I’m here!
Your Vocaloid trait (2,519)
If you were a Vocaloid, what will be your characteristic?
Your Kagepro eye ability and death! (3,281)
It's 2 AM
Which Vocaloid will you meet? (4,713)
Tells you what vocaloid you will meet and what happens.
Vocaloid Relationship Status! (2,593)
How does this Vocaloid (or UTAU) feel about you? :D
Vocaloid Characters (8,285)
Tells you what Vocaloid you are and your lover.
If You Were a Vocaloid (13,236)
If you were turned into a Vocaloid, which VocaloP would use you?
Which Vocaloid Character Are You? (2,581)
Figure it out now. (And yes. There is more than just the Crypton Media vocaloids.) Not every vocaloi...
Which Vocaloid Loves You? (2,489)
Which Vocaloid/UTAU/fanmade loves you? And to what extent?
UTAUer (1,081)
UTAU type.
VOCALOID pairing generator (3,092)
Will you find a decent pairing? A hilarious crack pairing? Or even an OTP? Let's see! (Includes UTAU...
What if You where a VOCALOID (3,474)
What would happen if you a new VOCALOID
Wanna be a Vocaloid? (2,589)
If you want to be a unexisting vocaloid synthesizer, this is for you!
Your anime and Vocaloid Harem (2,367)
The Characters in your Harem.
What&039;s your Vocaloid song? (2,363)
Title says it all.
ur vocaloid Fate (503)
ur fate related to vocaloid lol
VOCALOID Love (2,599)
which vocaloid loves you
Your Venomanian Harem (918)
You are the Duke/Duchess of Venomania. You've sold your soul to Satan and now members of both gender...
Utaite Lover (1,897)
Which utaite will be your lover ?
Miku Song Relation (1,332)
What Miku song do you relate to the most?
Vocaloid situation game (4,281)
find out what your situation is!
Your VOCALOID life! (2,653)
Find out how would your vocalife be
Your Vocaloid Crush (7,601)
See which Vocaloid like-likes you~
You as a Vocaloid producer (1,745)
What would it be like if you were a Vocaloid producer? Here, you'll find out.
If you were a Vocaloid, what would you b... (370)
Every Vocaloid is unique, and also sounds different. What would you be like?
would people use your utau (103)
find out whether people would use your utau
Your Vocaloid relations! (345)
Find out your relations with Vocaloids/Fanloids/Utauloids for fun! XD Only the famous Vocaloids are ...
Vocaloids and You V2 (299)
All OFFICIAL Vocaloids from Leon to Yumemi Nemu(1/27/17) CaPs mAtTeR (different results per letter)...
Which Evillious character are you? (319)
Has only a few for now, will probably add more later.
Random Vocaloid Generator (3,133)
generates vocaloids.
Which Vocaloid Song Should You Listen To... (648)
Ever wonder what Vocaloid song you should listen to? With this shindan, you'll receive an answe...
Your Neru Family ! (191)
What's your neru family ?
What Kagerou Project Song is your life? (1,174)
One of these songs is now your life. How screwed are you? lol jk. But no one of the songs is your ...
Genderbent VOCALOID Love (832)
which vocaloid genderbend loves you
Vocaloid OT3 (432)
what is your vocaloid ot3
male vocaloid harem (609)
Self-Insert VOCALOID OT3 (466)
youre in a ot3 have fun
If you were a Vocaloid... (3,443)
Which Vocaloid are you?
What did the Vocaloids do? (1,308)
While you were gone, what did the Vocaloids do?
What's your VOCALOID turn on? (3,543)
Try it out and see for yourself!
Who's Your VocaloP Husbando? (2,760)
Who's your Vocaloid producer husbando?
ETPA Song That You Should Listen To! (15)
Including the cover songs (◠ᴥ◕ʋ)
Halloween Trick from MEDIUM5 (82)
Trick or Treat ☆
Your Matryoshka OC (34)
Your own Matryoshka vocaloid OC (just the main elements).
Random Vocaloid Maker :D (95)
It's a random Vocaloid Maker, idk what to write xDD
EC Role Swap AUs (67)
idk i'm just kinda seeing what i can do
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