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Diagnoses on the theme of [VideoGame].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Which Overwatch character are you? (30,297)
Find out which Overwatch character you are!
If you lived in Kalos (8,141)
Diagnoses your starter, hometown, and fate
Your Pokemon Trainer Identity (7,762)
Ever wonder what kind of a trainer you'd be? Enter your name and find out.
What would your Overwatch abilities be? (2,611)
Find out what abilities you would have if you were in Overwatch!
your danganronpa life! (2,605)
includes danganronpa, sdr3, and drv3
Yet another damn RPG Shindan (2,439)
Find your class, level and alignment!
Favorite Video Game Character (2,099)
Diagnoses your video game character
Welcome to the World of MOTHER/Earthboun... (708)
Find out your favorite food, favorite thing, and place in the world!
Which Angry Bird are you? (466)
Want to know which Angry Bird are you? Come here!
What is your video game Superpower? (457)
What game are you destined to make? (353)
Need assistance thinking of a horrible name for your upcoming video/game? Look no further! This gene...
The Oregon Trail (333)
How will you fare on the journey to Oregon?
Video Game Maker (296)
If you were a video game system, which company would design you?
Cocoron Character Gernator (151)
Want a Cocoron character idea? Spin the Shindan!
Your Amoung Us journey (122)
Ever wondered how you'd live in amoung us? Probably not, hopefully your not sus..
What ghost from Fatal Frame I is stalkin... (109)
:D Scaretober! http://bcl.rpen.us/zerowiki/index.php?title=Fatal_Frame_Spirit_List
u as a pokemon (105)
exactly what it sounds like
Randomize your Borderlands 2 run (63)
randomize your character, weapon brands, weapon types. no repeated variables.
Your FFXV love Triangle (39)
Who are you married to in ffxv and who loves you?
Anna Stricklin (2)
Smart Dumb Fat Silly Loyal Reliable
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