[Utaite] diagnoses on that theme

Diagnoses on the theme of [Utaite].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Utaites became your teacher! (3,495)
Who's your teachers for your class?
You as an utaite (3,003)
Utaite Lover (1,910)
Which utaite will be your lover ?
Youtube Chorus Fun (1,615)
make this a reality.
You sang with PointFive(.5)! (847)
What would you sing with the members of PointFive(.5)?
insertbeachpartyhere (775)
Beach day with insertnamehere!!
Your wedding with an utaite (731)
What ur wedding(plus honey moon)would be like with an utaite(very random as heck) (I might add more ...
What kind of mafu dream will you have? (663)
Just as what the title says. Another crack shindan cause of amino again:3
What does the salty king soraru say abou... (601)
Just like what the title says, will you pass as his maso slave or pass as his salty queen?
Who&039;s utaite love child are you? (554)
complete randomness on who ur utaite parents are(all of this was made cause of a chat made in amino)
What is your Utaite Voice Stats (489)
Check out your voice stats (it's random just keep doing your best and you will become a great u...
INH, S☆L, and SM fun. (433)
fun taimu with insertnamehere, ST☆RLIGHT and StrawberryMint
How many Kevins do you have? (418)
How many Kevins in the YT Community have you collected?
What do you mean to Raphie? (142)
This is a test to show what role you play in Raphie's life... Just for fun! :)
Who&039;s your Indonesian utaite duet pa... (74)
Who's your duet partner?
Who&039;s your KKJN Personality (part 1) (30)
Ever wonder who has the closest personality to you in KKJN? its ShirumanTsuri's Idea
Embers of Tunes dating simulation (24)
A prototype
your date with Embers of Tunes&039;s Mem... (15)
another prototype
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