[UTAU] diagnoses on that theme

Diagnoses on the theme of [UTAU].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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UTAUer (1,081)
UTAU type.
UTAU Voice generator (896)
Will give a UTAU voice type and which Resampler it would work best with and what OTO they have. This...
Your UTAU (288)
I love UTAU it’s amazing! If you ever wanted to create one and have no ideas, I’m here!
Which Vocaloid or Utau are you dating (229)
Let's see... 🤔
UTAU OTP (200)
What is your UTAU OTP?
0 utau otp
your new utau (120)
generate a new utau voicebank character
What stats would your UTAU have? (118)
How good is your UTAU?
would people use your utau (103)
find out whether people would use your utau
which english utau are you ? (90)
lets go !
0 utau
What&039;s your UTAUloids hair colour? (49)
I'm bored, ok?
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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