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1. Transformation Issues (953)
You've been suddenly transformed after you drink/eat something! lets see how and what happens.
2. Your transformation (20,721)
Normal form is not enough?TRANSFORM INTO EPIC!
3. Wonder transformation! (7,080)
Your sudden encounter with a fate you never imagined. What will happen to you today? Transformations...
4. Potion transformation!! (4,305)
You drink a magic potion... (can be NSFW) (furry content) (fetish content)
5. Your Mystical Transformation (3,470)
Find out what will you be as a mystical creature! *result really depends on luck*
What will you be?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!??!?!?
7. Symbiotic Encasement (2,038)
What artificial or natural symbiote will take a liking to your body as its new and permanent home?
8. Transformative Thirstquencers (1,394)
The BAPZ for you. Bartended by @ikksplicit. Still thirsty? Try another name and combine your results...
9. A Sudden Transformation! (1,385)
It seems you've found a tasty beverage lying around, so of course you take a sip! But what'...
10. Little Shop of TFs (1,047)
What will you find in the mysterious shop?
11. Who is the new you? (756)
A racial transformation shindan. Discover the new you. Change gender, race, age.
12. Magic Transformation Drinks!!! (719)
What would you like to drink? Surely nothing will happen.
13. Hair Potion Results (612)
You've taken a miracle hair growth product, and here's how it ends up.
14. Which female celeb are you? (67)
Which female celeb will you be transformed into??? Find out here
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