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multistats personality traits (998)
based on several tumblr alignments
Random generator traits character (361)
Deduce traits, what he likes or dislikes and what scares him.
Personality traits % (1,956)
Something clearly made for fun. Are you shy, confident, maybe sarcasm runs in your blood? Find out!
Dere Randomizer! (2,284)
Just a test, since I've never done one before!
Character Creator [Personality] (7,727)
gives 1 positive, 1 neutral and 1 negative trait, 2 hobbies/interests, a favorite + least favorite f...
14 traits
Character Trait Generator (8,504)
Need help with a character you're writing? Maybe you just want to see what you'll get :)
Your Anime Looks (314,343)
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Make your very own diagnosis!
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