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Diagnoses on the theme of [Superpower].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Your unOrdinary power. (6,512)
Shows your unOrdinary power chart.
What&039;s your useless superpower? (9,489)
Based on a funny pic.
What Superpower Do You Have? (5,043)
What kind of superpower do you secretly wield? Find out here. (Now with even more powers!)
Your super power/weakness (2,680)
What is your super power and your weakness
BNHA Quirk (2,516)
What's your quirk?
What is your special power? (1,808)
You are bestowed a power with which to save the world.... better hope its a good one
What is your superpower? (1,756)
let's find out~~
Manipulation Ability (1,310)
What element do you manipulate?
What kind of superpower do you have? (1,003)
F i r s t S h i n d a n ~ I h o p e y o u l i k e i t ~
Your UNordinary Ability (951)
Your UNordinary Superpower.
-Superpower Generator- (927)
Doctor rang up says your superhuman. Let's see how super... [Note: I'll be adding more sup...
What Is Your Relationship With Syndrome? (161)
The Incredibles is a 2004 Pixar animated classic. But, with every great hero, comes a great villain....
What are your two powers? [70+ options!... (140)
What two superpowers do you have?
Skunk Superhero (89)
What kind of skunk superhero are you? Let's find out!
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