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Diagnoses on the theme of [Smashbros].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Smash Bros Ultimate Leak Generator (10,440)
What's the latest leak?
Super Smash Bros! (4,396)
Which Smash Bro are you?
What are you as a Smash Character? (2,249)
This will test what kind of character you are in smash. Will you be a hard hitter like Ganondorf or ...
Your SSBM Stats (1,382)
Your stats if you were an SSBM Character
What Smash Bro are you? (1,258)
Skill level too!
Super Smash Bros Date (1,184)
What Smash Bros lady will go out with you tonight?
Who is your Fire Emblem main in Smash 4? (1,143)
Let's see~
Your Smash Bros Aesthetic (492)
Find out what way to play Smash Bros really speaks to you.
Relive as a Smash Bros. Fighter! (117)
You are reincarnated into a Super Smash Bros. character. Who would you be to become the Ultimate Sma...
Super Smash Bros Ultimate Battle Generat... (116)
This generator will create a battle for you to fight in Super Smash Bros Ultimate! Four players only...
What is Your Favorite SSBU Ship? (67)
What is your favorite (crack)ship? Includes everyone from fighters to assist trophies to really good...
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