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Character concept generator (329)
Color pattern, a concept, WHATEVER! Have FUN
Creacher Percentage (32)
what it says on the tin
Your Lolicon Look (689)
What would you look like if you were a loli?
What Do People Think You Smell Like? (168)
What do others think you smell like today?
Anime Girl Type (NSFW) (32,335)
Generates your anime girl stats! Some answers are NSFW and answers will be unexpected!
png friendo (185)
what kind of friendo are you???
Your New &039;Sona (472)
Like fursona or witchsona, but I'm making most of these up from the top of my head (and most ar...
Overwatch Character + skin (571)
Cause I'm bored, plus people who have all the skins cause. ps. Only gonna use Skin namescause I...
Do you have determination? (4,366)
We'll see.
Who should be USA President? (152)
Wow did the site update?
0 silly
What&039;s your mustache? (323)
How much of a cutie are you? (3,129)
See how much of a cutie you are!
Your Life under The Dark Regime™ (335)
When the world falls prostrate at my feet, and all mankind together bends the knee... where will you...
Chugger gauntlet (104)
Can you make it down the high street without being bullied by a chugger (charity mugger) into donati...
0 silly
RWBY Scenario Generator (3,142)
Saw someone else do this. X will -action- Y in -place- Added RWBY4 characters.
Which High School Musical song describes... (168)
from all three movies.
Are You Kawaii Enough? (4,126)
Let's see if you're kawaii!
Which Film Director are you? (208)
You're a great master of Cinema.
IKEA adventures! (378)
Hit that perfect meatball
What bird are you? (656)
Find out what bird you are
Phantom Brave: Title & Class (239)
Find out your Phantom's class & title based on Phantom Brave's options here!
Anime-etter (4,638)
Find out what type of hit anime you'll make.
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