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Diagnoses on the theme of [School].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Your Anime Looks (207,034)
Senpai Says (170,679)
If senpai DID notice you...
your high school stereotype (151,340)
Yandere Simulator Oc Generator [Female V... (107)
This can help you make a new oc. this is supposed to be for female ocs.
Your character in Beastars! (2,417)
See how you'll do in beastars!
school life with nct (34,168)
what is your nct college life? (11,521)
who's watching you cry into your organic chem textbook from across the library at 3am?
Yandere Simulator Student Maker (35,809)
Note - For best results, enter your FULL name for diagnosis (you don't have to worry about midd...
What VN Route Are You? (33,265)
Find out your own Visual Novel character route!
What’s your energy? (21,201)
What energy do you radiate? (Some are NSFW)
When will you get your First Kiss??? (19,685)
Yuri Character (19,623)
What type of person would you play in yuri anime?
Schoolgirl You! (14,180)
Ever wanted to be a kawaii schoolgirl? Well, now you can!
Enstars Idol Crush (14,129)
Who likes you and who do you like
School Idol Maker (11,761)
What kind of School Idol are you? (Love Live!)
High school with EXO (11,309)
♡ HS W/ EXO ♡
Ensemble Stars Family (11,148)
BTS Kids and Husband (9,939)
Let see who is your husband and kid!
Your Boku no Hero Academia Life (9,818)
What would your life be like in Boku no Hero Academia?
Your School Stats (chart) (9,204)
Like the last Shindan, this time in chart form! See my 'Your School Stats' Shindan for a v...
You're known as: (9,202)
What people call you behind your back
Character Info (8,782)
Name: Owari Mounoshiki Eye color: Black Hair color: Black Hairstyle: Like Kirito's Reputation: ...
Who’s your husband in bts (8,680)
Find out who are most like to marry in bts
Cute moe meter (6,430)
Check your moe meter
Who is your crush in My Hero Academia? (6,336)
Who is your crush in My Hero Academia?
Your Prom with X1 (6,280)
For all your delulu needs :3
self-insert fanfic generator (5,602)
Write down the name of the romantic interest, not your own.
School life with NCT~ (5,448)
Imagine going to school with the NCT boys!
School life with Stray Kids (5,220)
Go to school with Stray Kids!
Which U.A. girl would you date? (4,980)
BnHA is bound to have at least some romance involved later on. But if you were in the universe, whic...
What kind of otaku are you? (4,750)
Find out what kind of otaku are you!
bts - high school edition (3,804)
choose your fate~~!
I look like EXO (3,535)
Have fun!
Horror Anime Scenario! (3,391)
Your horror anime scenario. Who, what, when, where and why.
Which Enstars group do you produce for (3,363)
Congratulations! You graduated! Now who are you producing for?
— school life w/ seventeen 🍨 (3,345)
hello guys i’m back from the dead and i’m here to give you a lovely ‘school life with seventeen’ shi...
what 2019 meme you are (3,327)
what 2019 meme u are
Your Yuri Anime (3,300)
Congratulations, you're making a yuri anime. What will it be and will it sell?
Your anime chara! (3,220)
which character are you?
How to get senpai to notice you (3,128)
Discover the secret to getting senpai's attention!
🍶—school life w skz!! (2,984)
skz highschool/college aus stay winning!!
My Hero Academia (dates) (2,856)
if you went on a date with characters of BNHA :3 (note this doesn't have all the characters, o...
You as an anime schoolgirl! (2,822)
School’s starting tomorrow ;-;
What you bring to Hogwarts: (2,780)
What you got for 1st year
Your First Year Anime Mate! (2,777)
Your First Year anime boyfriend. First Years as in First year in high school duh. Sport anime first ...
Assassination Classroom Enrollment (2,718)
Input a name to find out why you entered Class E and what methods you use against Korosensei.
Vibe check (2019) (2,650)
Let's see if ur a boomer
Hetalia Gakuen life! (2,551)
Your friends, best classmates, boy/girlfriends~ etc.
Furry Senpai Generator (2,477)
What would your senpai be?
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