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Transformer/Cybertronian Name (3,645)
What is your designation? Transformers. I tried to make them all work together at least somewhat but...
What Transformer are you? (2,981)
Diagnoses what type of Transformer you are.
What is your Cybertronian colour scheme? (2,088)
Give or take, most Transformers have around three different colours on their bodies no matter how mi...
Where on Cybertron were you born? (1,683)
Cybertronians are created through two confirmed methods: they are either "Forged" or "...
Grand Cybertronian Taxonomy: What is you... (1,403)
Under Functionism your placement in the hierarchy is determined by your alt mode.
The Thirteen: Which would you align your... (1,293)
The Thirteen are the first Transformers created by Primus. Rightfully huge and powerful, each was de...
Which Transformers universe stream are y... (1,276)
The Transformers multiverse consists of at least 15,962,782 cataloged universal streams (1,176,325 o...
What would you drink most as a Cybertron... (1,225)
With the many drinks and beverages throughout The Transformers' many many universes having a p...
If you were a Transformer (1,216)
If you suddenly became a giant robot.
As a Cybertronian what is your sacred ge... (1,115)
Anyway you look at it, The Transformers have some really really nice geometry, inside and out.
Where did you receive your education on ... (1,073)
Many a facility on Cybertron to have earned an education,whatever (learnin) that may be.
Ideal Robot Partner (750)
Find out what robot is your ideal partner!
Robot you (439)
find the robo-you!
0 robots
You as a robot/Your mecha (262)
What it says on the tin.
What type of Mechanical Being are you? (209)
Would you like to know more?
What type of Sym are you? (138)
The web cartoon "Computer Showdown" tells the stories of Syms: beings that are sentient re...
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