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Drakey&039;s Randomized Character Design... (81)
Want to make a new OC or random character design, but aren't sure what they should look like?
Your Bizzare Stand. (458)
A random Shindan ;)
Your animal fusion! (160)
This is just a simple thingie I made in under 30 minutes please be patient with meeee
Talents (85)
Random talents.
Sun (1)
matahari adalah ciptaan tuhan yang sangat indah, ia menerangi bumi dari pagi hingga sore, kalau mata...
Determine Your UniKingdom Fate! (49)
This is a simple survery I made for all UniKitty fans out there, just for fun! I do not intend to h...
What kind of anime girl are you? (241)
This is my first time making one of these, I hope you enjoy
{Random Mental Illness Generator} (664)
**This is not real** If you think you have a serious problem, talk to a professional! - https://www....
Your very own crown (78)
Hoo boy, look's like you're royalty. What does your crown look like?
Random Character Traits/Quirks (1,676)
Get inspiration for characters with 3 random traits. I tried to make it so there's nothing cont...
in the eyes of the horror film (111)
when all the odds are against you, and the killer lurks near, will you make it to the end with your ...
How much of a Wumbo are you today? (96)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Wumbo Score."
what type of nut are you (5,695)
have you ever wondered what type of nut are you? there are so many nuts in the world; there are cas...
Warlord Generator 2: The Warlords Return (31)
A silly continuation of a ridiculous shindan I made on another account. Proceed at your own risk
Theme (47)
To find a theme for anything
Random mood (71)
Welcome to Shindaaaan (17)
This is my first time making one of these be nice
What are you doing with your life (162)
Just a joke still working on this
Character Details Generator! (527)
Just a bunch of random stuff for character inspiration.
what part of bts are you? (295)
i mean like physical part, like hair or eye or toe,, like bts',,,, look idk what this is either...
tumblr personality trait gen (1,242)
there are only so many personality traits you can legally have so how do you rank on all of em // th...
which ASTRO member&039;s random object a... (361)
Character Design Randomize (318)
This is (again) for personal use! So have fun!
What&039;s your Popufur rank? (98)
Are you a Popufur? What are you even popular for? Find out why everyone is flooding your DMs with th...
Random OC Generator [somewhat-specific] (50,185)
Includes -Age -Gender -Race/Species -Ethnicity -Sexuality -Hair Color -Eye Color -Height & We...
Female/non-binary Randon OC generator (1,039)
Generates a random OC that’s either non-binary/genderqueer/genderflux etc. or female!
👄~*eye makeup look*~👄 (106)
can't decide what eyeshadow colors to wear? Look no further!
Random 0to999 (36)
generate random 0~999
Your Long Title (172)
This will generate a title for you. The title has three parts.
what&039;s IMFACT to you (38)
the cringe saga continues, check my other shindans
kpop boygroup you should stan (124)
let's get it
1team bias (185)
if you have yet to choose a bias i can take care of it, please stan these big babies
Your Lucky Item Of The Day! (147)
What's your lucky item today?
Random RPG stats (155)
Generates 8 random stats that could be applicable in an RPG and your alignment.
why your ult likes you (581)
simple one, but really soft or funny
Oh my god how could you?! (2,775)
Well? What horrible thing have you done this time?
Zenek&039;s World Experience (7)
Owari No Seraph Scenario (189)
It's just a random thing- but give it a try!
User is blank without blank (57)
The user is blank without blank. All in Light-hearted fun.
Your FISC Stats (294)
This diagnoses will determine your stats. Fabulous Intelligent Creative Sexy
Clotheing Randomizer (Male) (251)
Just so I can not SUCK
Random warlord-sona generator (264)
To draw, just for fun times
Duck Duck Goose (71)
Will you be a duck or a goose?
What Would You Be As A Magical Girl~? (4,367)
filled with floofiness & more. find out what kind of magical girl you are~! (based off of @mairi...
Your flower bouquet ! 🌼 (318)
If your name was to be given to a composition of flowers, what would it be made of ?
What Should You Wear? (1,385)
What fashion nightmare will it generate for you today?
What are you made of~? (57,898)
Sugar, spice and everything nice?
How Cringey Are You? (4,650)
Something to see how cringey you are ;)
What is your color inside ? (1,057)
And how this color feels ? Don't worry, it's all for fun ! :D
Soccer Spirits Team Generator! (344)
Generates a random team for you!
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