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1. RWBY character generator (23,992)
Tells you your look, weapon and semblance
2. RWBY Semblance Generator (13,330)
This is a brainstorming generator for all the RWBY OCs out there. I've added some and corrected...
3. RWBY Weapon Generator (179,490)
What weapon will you have in RWBY?
4. Your RWBY Life (28,806)
Basically an OC generator, minus the name. You provide that. UPDATE: Added Vol4 characters :)
5. RWBY Weapon Generator 2 (65,091)
What other weapon will you have in RWBY?
6. RWBY Team Name Generator (3,981)
uhh hope it helps i guess
7. RWBY Combination Weapons Generator (2,990)
all you have to do is set what you want as a theme for the creation and the generator will search th...
8. FMK RWBY (203)
This determines who you will FckMarryKill on the RWBY roster
9. What is your Semblance? (25,922)
RWBY stuff. Still don't know really what semblances are so don't hate me. ;A; I might add...
10. What RWBY Character will you train under... (6,267)
To become a Hunter/Huntress :-) OR something else! (like a teacher, club person, pun master etc) Fin...
11. What RWBY Female Character is your wife? (4,733)
Would you like to know? For funzies.
12. What does Team RWBY think of you? (3,841)
Saw someone else do one of these & thought about doing one for RWBY.
13. A RWBY Weapons Generator (3,729)
Season 3 HYPE! Create your awesome RWBY-weapons for your OCs with this extended generator! :D Be pre...
14. F/M/K RWBY (3,330)
I can't stop making these now ;A; Run children!
15. What Female Character in RWBY is your Si... (2,900)
Just like the brother one. Has ALL female characters!
16. Which RWBY Character will you make out w... (2,790)
For your female Character x Reader Needs. You Pervs. Male Coming soon!
17. RWBY Stats and Weapon (2,722)
Get your own RWBY stats and your own weapon
18. What RWBY character is your senpai? (2,673)
And what do they say to you...that is if you are noticed :) UPDATED
19. What RWBY character stole your first kis... (2,478)
In the RWBY world.
20. What RWBY Character is your ____? (2,458)
They could be anything. And it could be anyone.
21. Your RWBY Waifu! (2,436)
Waifus for everyone. Vol. 3 Spoilers!
22. Jay's RWBY Weapon Maker (2,398)
fite me m8
23. What RWBY song is your theme song? (2,386)
Will include the ones that are known and trailer versions.
24. Your RWBY Valentine *Female Edition (2,283)
:) Happy Valentine's Day!
25. Your Rwby Team Name! (2,127)
Rwby generator
26. What RWBY character is your Soul Mate? (2,117)
Remember a soul mate isn't always a lover.
27. What's your RWBY surname? (1,995)
How you relate to the person is up to you.
28. What RWBY Character is your ___? (1,975)
You were adopted. You have older/younger sibling, a best friend, your favorite/unfavorite teacher. A...
29. What Male Character in RWBY is Your Brot... (1,871)
What male character in RWBY is your/Oc's brother. Now with Volume 4!
30. What RWBY Vol. 2 Song is your theme? (1,779)
31. RWBY: Teachers (1,632)
You just moved to a new high school and these are your teachers.
32. Your RWBY Love Story *Girl Edition (1,577)
Storytime :) This is one for people who like women. Men will come up, but I've been recently tr...
33. Who's your RWBY Kōhai? (1,515)
I made a senpai one awhile ago. So, I think it's only right to make this one as well. Basically...
34. Your RWBY Mother (1,463)
Your RWBY mother.
35. RWBY Scenario Generator (1,425)
Saw someone else do this. X will -action- Y in -place- Added RWBY4 characters.
36. RWBY X blank Y - Boys Edition (1,361)
For all your shipping needs!
37. What RWBY paring should be your OTP? (1,342)
Better late then never! Find your OTP!
38. RWBY: MGW (1,313)
What is MGW? Mother, Godmother, Wife. It's a round of M,G,W, there's goin to be a F,G,H to...
39. FEM RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (1,237)
Removed x due to some names appearing as ***
40. RWBY X blank Y - Girls Edition (1,227)
X will -Action- in -Place- With only the girl characters :) Ships can be formed too...
41. What RWBY character is your best friend,... (1,207)
Frienemy and worst enemy? Has Volume 4 characters :)
42. Who's your RWBY father? (1,078)
43. What male character in RWBY is your husb... (1,042)
:) Just like the others.
44. Your RWBY Love Story *Male Edition (959)
Storytime :) This is one for people who like men.
45. MALE RWBY x Reader Writer Prompt (872)
Hope you like it!
46. Your RWBY Valentine *Male Edition (776)
This one contains the men of RWBY
47. Servant to a RWBY Character (772)
You're a servant but who's? How you serve them is up to you ;) Added Volume 4 characters t...
48. Your RWBY OTP should be..... (730)
:3 *Now has team cfvy!
49. Which Schnee Sibling Are You? (644)
Find out!
50. RWBY Weapon Creator (My first one) (520)
Im new with this so it may not be the best
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