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You as a Hogwarts student (6,597)
yur a wizard
Which Hogwarts House are u in? (5,712)
Tells you what house you would be in Hogwarts from Harry Potter
Your HP character (5,686)
Your wand, Hogwarts house, blood state, patronus
Your Wizarding Wand! (1,311)
Ever want a wand like the famous Harry Potter? Here is your chance to head to Hogwarts!
Hogwarts and Ilvermorny House (1,200)
Find out your Hogwarts and Ilvermorny house here!
Your Hogwarts Life (699)
Find out how you'd do in Hogwarts classes, which house you'd be sorted into, and how your ...
Potter's Pentagon Adventure (605)
What would happen if you were a Potter's Pentagon character?
Wingardium Leviosa (473)
Stahp it, Ron, Staaaaahhhhhp!
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