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Dragon Oc Creator (130)
What kind of dragon will you be?
Mage persona Generator (68)
What kind of mage are you??
Alien Girl Generator (80)
Generate random alien girls
Multiverse Character Creator (158)
A bunch of different styles and parts from multiple show's and fandom's!
do you eat vermin (74)
Does your OC, or you, have a notable propensity to consume rats and mice and bugs? Find out here.
Kelen character generator (25)
creates a Kelen-based character, but could be used for anything vaguely fantasy
Arkanoth OC (28)
As a formless soul you got into Arkanoth. Let's see how you grew up!
A Female OC Generator (a tad over the to... (846)
Calculates height, B/W/H, and ideas for hobbies and personality. Over 26 trillion possible combinati...
▶Create an OC : Art Challenge◀ (211)
(Currently only Female Gender Characters) ▶ Create a Random OC and try drawing them! ▶ Remember to a...
Detailed OC Visual Generator (Male) (67)
OC generator with a detailed description, for male characters.
Detailed OC Visual Generator (Female) (73)
OC generator with a detailed description, I also included eye shape types, fashion main colors, and ...
OC generator for art/stories etc (81)
An OC generator you can use for art, stories and more! I'll try and make this as detailed as I ...
Cat Girl Maker (126)
since cat girls deserve some love too! credit to this shindan https://en.shindanmaker.com/959111
Magia Record unit generator (289)
what if you were not only a depressed magical girl but also a gacha png
cute oc generator! (138)
make a cute lil oc! sorry if there are any errors! this is my first shindan♡
witch oc maker! (64)
an oc generator for witches! includes gender, fashion choice, familiars, and physical features.
Arknights unit generator (14,521)
Imagine if u could be a furry with the plague
puppy oc generator - pupsona (55)
make yourself a pupsona! not breed specific
Personality Generator- 16PF (162)
Creates a detailed description of a personally based on the main 16 personality factors. https://en....
Personality Generator- OCEAN/Big Five (30)
Rates each basic trait 0-5, giving you a template for a character's personality. For definition...
How is your Splatoon character ? (59)
Yamu’s OC generator (51)
I decided to make myself a character generator because none others had the kind of info I wanted! I ...
Name Generator (Male) (156)
A basic generator providing a first and last name for male characters. || A female version can be fo...
Name Generator (Female) (277)
A basic generator providing a first and last name for female characters. || A male version can be fo...
The Night Relic【Mag ver.】 (26)
A human being "Iola" that has fantasy creature in its body. A wizard/witch "Mag"...
The Night Relic【Iola ver.】 (17)
A human being "Iola" that has fantasy creature in its body. A wizard/witch "Mag"...
OC Generator (test) (113)
Just a test TwT but you can use it for an OC
Dr. Steets&039; Random OC Generator (63)
A random OC generator created by Dr. Steets PHD herself, consisting of: Age (0-40), gender, height, ...
Lee&039;s Simple OC Generator (68)
Create an OC! Type in the character name you'd like to use and let it go! Possible demon ocs?
1 oc by @Edenerys
Character idea (86)
Enter a name and get a character prompt!
You&039;re A Dragon! (174)
What type of dragon are you? Update: Added some humorous results and new dragon types, along with o...
Polysona Gen: What if you were a Polygon... (43)
Character Generator for an original universe created by cheetos192. Feel free to share your results...
Become a Fashionable Protagonist! (83)
This process will meld you into a fashionable protagonist! Duh!
OC Maker! (103)
A simple generator if you're feeling uninspired or just want an art exercise :D (Made by Ophani...
character generator <3 (172)
have fun making characters :)
Original Character Maker (92)
Hey, do you need help making a oc well you’ve stopped at the right place. Just enter a random name a...
Sonic OC/Self-Insert (173)
Sonic character randomiser!
Beyblade Blader OC (75)
As a Beyblader what kind of beyblade would you use? Gear and Battle style be like? How about a speci...
Bakugan Character Generator (140)
A random Bakugan Battle Brawler OC generator. Put your name in to find your Attribute and Bakugan pa...
Furry OC/Fursona Generator (145)
Put in a random name, and this will generate
What&039;s your nauticalsona? (49)
Are you a pirate? Maybe a fisherman? Perhaps you own an old lighthouse? Find out here.
Oc generator ⠀ (724)
An Oc generator, that's pretty much it, have fun drawing it or something!
Pokemon OC Randomizer (315)
What Pokemon are you? Lets find out with the Pokedex stats.
Miraculous Maker (80)
random furry oc generator (189)
title lmfao
Hazbin Hotel OC Generator (8,207)
Make your own resident of hell from VivziePop's series, Hazbin Hotel!
OC Generator or sumthn idk (41)
If you need any OC ideas you can use this!
Sign&039;s Human OC Maker! (46)
A complex maker that will provide you with a brand new human OC! It's a little plain right now,...
What’s Your Demon Form? (420)
What does your demon form look like?, Special powers? Weapons?
Your Fantasy Hero Name (81)
Have you heard of the High Elves?
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