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1. Who's your macro date? (3,934)
friday night date night
2. Oh no! You've shrunk in a hot furry... (10,597)
Where have you shrunk? How small are you? And who's the hunk that owns this place?
3. Micro in a Locker Room (3,941)
You're tiny in a locker room!! What happens???
4. Shrink Ray! (2,828)
You've been zapped by a science beam and start shrinking! How small will you get!?
5. Who shrank you? (FURRY, MACRO/MICRO) (2,652)
You've been hit with a mysterious beam and shrunk down! Question is, how much, and by whom?
6. Shrink Ray 2.0 (2,594)
Excellent improvements have been made, now thank you for volunteering to test our shrink ray/ Didn&#...
7. Macro/Micro Space Exploration (2,324)
You've decided to test out your ship's warp drive and jump forward! Unfortunately, you...
8. Shrunk in a Furry High School (1,914)
The lunch bell rings, and you head to the Chem lab in search of your missing homework. Whoops! You s...
9. Shrinky-Growy ray! (1,909)
Someone's gotten big! Or maybe they're small! Who knows? Let's find out!
10. Furry Sleepover: Shrinking Shenanigans (1,173)
Sleepovers - those magical nights that turn into mornings as you pass the hours away with good frien...
11. Giant Pokémons! (944)
While playing Pokémon, you're suddenly shrunk down and sucked into the game! To make it even wo...
12. What happened at the bar? (837)
You go to a bar. This is Shindan. Of course shenanigans happen.
13. Shrunk in the forest...!!! (630)
You are just a rookie adventure who just started your first adventure in nearby forest but suddenly ...
14. Shrunk, stuck in clothes. (508)
You shrink, but how small? And where are you now that you're shrunk? (Spoiler: it's inside...
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