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Diagnoses on the theme of [Marvel].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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You in MCU (13,584)
So... you want to be in the MCU? I heard you want your superpower and want to become a superhero. Or...
Have you been slain by Thanos? (4,347)
Have you, your friends, or your favorite characters been snapped out of existence by the almighty Th...
Which Marvel character are you (3,199)
Diagnoses your comic story!
1 Marvel
What’s your life in MCU Wattpad like?
Power Grid (Marvel) (1,753)
Marvel universe Ability Status
Your Avengers Infinity War and Endgame f... (1,364)
Major Avengers Endgame spoilers
in which civil war team r u (1,088)
What Marvel Superhero Are You (737)
Which Marvel character takes you on a da... (641)
which marvel character dates you
Your Captain America Civil War fate (517)
Whose side are you on?
which peter parker are you (166)
there are many peter parkers in different universes, which one are you?
What&039;s your role in the Marvel Cinem... (111)
Are you a hero? Or would you be a villian?
Sofe (80)
Brown-black hair, hazel eyes, 5’4”
avengers simulation (77)
welcome to the avenger initiative son
Idk something random (44)
Idk either
soph?-?3 (20)
Captain America Movie Suit (17)
Which one is best for u
Aakifah (4)
Funny, determined
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