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your dgm kin (2)
Find out which dgm character is ur kin
Bishounen Maker 3000EX TURBO (47)
A new improved version of the good ol' Bishounen Maker I made a while ago. Make yourself a bra...
Who is your Honkai Impact 3rd waifu? (31)
Who is your waifu in the Honkai Impact universe by inputting your name or username in this generator...
Hypmic Valentine&039;s (68)
Hypnosis Mic Valentine's
What Generic Isekai Are You In? (86)
All combinations are guaranteed to be real animes at some point in time due to this dead horse being...
Your Isekai fate (174)
Discover your fate in another world!
que eres segun tu nombre (58)
que eres segun tu nombre
Your HypMic Ship (243)
Warning: Includes all 12 main characters.
What are you as an Integrity Knight? (73)
You've been turned into an Integrity Knight! Find out your Synthesis number and your Divine Obj...
Hanime.Tv Discord Chat uwu (25)
Random Banana Fish Pairing Generator (17)
I do not necessarily endorse these results. Golzine and Foxx not included because screw 'em, th...
[BNHA] Who are you good to team up with? (158)
Who is your perfect team mate in Boku No Hero Academia
Ancient Magus Bride Persona (136)
What is your life like in the world of mages, neighbors, and alchemists? (First shindan here we go!...
WHat is your hypmic assigned kinnie (906)
we eating rats tonite
MR Mutation Type (35)
Your MR mutation type.
Antje (4)
what&039;s your jojo&039;s jjba bizarre ... (116)
had one before? too bad, this is your true kin.
Can you deflect the emerald splash? (153)
Can you?
What is your quirk in bnha (210)
Ayy cha girl gonna show you a quirk mmkay? YEAH KAY
Pretty Cure Persona (44)
Discover your Pretty Cure alter ego
Waifu Statictics (111)
What are your waifu stats?
World Trigger Parameters (30)
World Trigger stat parameters
Your anime character! (115)
What would you look like in an anime universe?
Halloween with anime characters (103)
Teehee I’m back!
How will you beat a JoJo character (214)
How will you clap them JoJo weakasses
Your very own Isekai(tm) Adventure (284)
Isekai is a popular genre these days, so why not have your very own adventure?
What will your next kin be like? (121)
Generator to tell you what your next kintype will be.....
Which Love Live unit do you belong to? [... (114)
So, which one is your unit? Make a poll!
Which Detective Conan Character Are You (174)
Find out which Detective Conan Character you are
You=Love Pistols! (48)
Describes you in the anime "Love Pistols". Don't like, Don't judge.
What Japanese Emoticon Are You Today? (626)
When you see this emoticon your only thought will be: Me
Your BNHA Life (Detailed) (1,060)
Inserts you into the Boku no hero academia fandom. (detailed)
You in Tokyo Ghoul (325)
Makes you a ghoul in the Tokyo Ghoul world.
Your date with an anime character (218)
Cuz you all dream of it
Japanese Surname Generator (474)
Generates 1 random Japanese surname (last name).
Japanese Name Generator (Male) (117)
Will generator 1 masculine Japanese name. (see my surname generator and pair the results for a full ...
Female Japanese Name Generator (124)
This will generate 1 feminine given name. (See my Japanese surname generator to pair results) Look u...
Which Senyu Character Are You? (28)
Generates four characters. Make a poll and let your followers vote on who you're most similar t...
Your birthday with anime characters (188)
My birthday is next week :)
Insaneness (69)
Anime waifu selector (154)
This Shindan is a work in progress that will choose a different waifu for you everyday, from a large...
luck (12)
Your BSD Life ! (894)
Do you have an ability? Do you belong to the ADA or Port Mafia? What about your personal life?
You as an anime schoolgirl! (556)
School’s starting tomorrow ;-;
Your sleepover with anime characters! (187)
It’s also game characters -3-
Are u Seme or Uke? (132)
Get your fujoshi/fudanshi selves over here!
Your anime role (218)
Find out yours
What type of dere are you?? (116)
What type of dere are you??
Danganronpa Character Description Genera... (211)
Take this quiz to find out the description of your Danganronpa character.
Shota Creator (180)
I wanted a shota character. The descriptions are vague so they're mostly just starting points. ...
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