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The gay one (31)
Deadman Wonderland Branch of Sin generat... (2)
Find out what Branch of Sin you'd have in the Deadman Wonderland world!
Furry boi (20)
Waifu Parameters (28)
Evaluates parameters as a waifu, using the same parameter rules as Servants.
Which Anime Trap Are You? (49)
(note) I tried to make sure all of the characters were male and not trans females. don't attack...
Are you Alpha, Beta, Omega (537)
Find Out /(^ 0 ^)/
What is your Danganronpa kin (15)
BruhSoundEffect (29)
lol xd
Maxxx (0)
What’s your MHA quirk? (7)
Figure out what quirk would best suit you in the MHA world.
tris (0)
I like listening to music, eating, buying clothes.
Are you gay, maybe? (111)
This say you are gay or if you are not gay
Which disaster level monster are you? (O... (60)
It's OPM season so lets get pumped
Avery Larson (0)
Ziana (0)
Hi, its me
Violet Plum (1)
Young Impatient Lazy Funny Cool
Dragon._.Strike (1)
how much of a dumb bitch is dragon
diarrdea (7)
Your Puffle Colour (21)
What Puffle are you? Let the Sorting hat decide!
gaygayyyy (37)
im gay
Jolie is great (1)
Wimbledon jumbo (0)
Coolio sperito
star777 (0)
floey (3)
Muz kacak (0)
tha heck (0)
i’m not here!
Agata (1)
chicken butt (5)
MemeStar (5)
Lonely, memestar and gamer. Everything's a jojo reference
Thunder Cross Split Attack (8)
Dire is unleashing his most powerful move! Are you able to dodge this one?
Alie (1)
I like chicken
Chug jug (4)
Chug jug
Midoriya (2)
How sexy are you able to be (110)
How much sexy are you
Your True Shikai (10)
This diagnosiser will tell you what shikai you have from the bleach wiki.
Solleh Mahmud (0)
Minh (0)
Recommended animal (14)
A simple diagnosis that uses just one list.
Renee (0)
I’m dumb
gabbyyyyyyyy (1)
idk man
Are you a gamer (13)
Test if yuo are a true gang weeder
UHHHsuckmyfatpussy (8)
Ntah (0)
Nyahhh la Jkskkskkssnmmka kkskksskks
kara’s stats (1)
Alexbitch (1)
Likes theatre and stuff
My Hero Academia Character Creator! (75)
This Creates a simple My Hero Academia Character for you
The Depressed one (100)
A converted weeb that's a failure at life
What is your in Boogiepop character? (5)
As good as Boogiepop may have been, nobody can deny that the names in it aren't odd.
Weird describrion (17)
I’d you can guess my kind of personality
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