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Your Character In Demon Slayer (119)
Find out who you are in the world of Demon Slayer
Which JoJo Are You? (102)
Find out which JoJo protagonist you are!
Hanahaki Kyuubi (10)
Heu Hip
SoraRunez (1)
If You Were In A Isekai? (97)
What if you were in an Isekai? What would your story be?
Which TPN Perfect Scorer are you? (8)
Who are you in the trio?
Finkt (3)
Max Wang (7)
Max Wang
How would you do as a Fire Emblem Heroes... (169)
At level 40, how would your stats check out if you were a Fire Emblem Heroes unit? This shindan calc...
Kengan Asura fighter OC creator (58)
The title says it all
OCOC (38)
Name: [random girls name Generater]
Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon Creator (369)
Find out what your story as a demon will turn out to be!
[What is your MHA quirk ?] (428)
Do you have OFA?!!
Forge your Nichirin Sword!(`Δ´) (480)
Generates the colour and properties of your sword. Non-canon details but it's just for fun ;)
Vsco gurl (78)
Oh no, my bio ran away
Become a Mahou Shoujou! (113)
let's get magical!!
Demon Akaza (24)
Strongest Demon
Create a magical girl (64)
A generator for girls of the magical variety.
If you as a Ppokemon Trainer (94)
Where is your home town? Your starter? ect
Ebru (1)
Haikyu OC Generator (1,983)
An OC creator for Haikyuu
Breanna 1 (2)
weclome to my world
Patekked (2)
I eat ass
Retarded shit head (35)
A crazy lunatic that is very hyper active and an out going extrovert
Luccia (3)
Probably sitting on the toilet or in bed
Pyrosius (2)
Love manga, anime, games and music.
Natsume Ono Manga Generator (16)
Generates the plot of a Natsume Ono manga
The World Over Heaven (37)
After the dairy found, his stand The World gained a new power that multiples it's stats all by ...
Noira (4)
a simple human beinh
What Tailed Beast Is In You (226)
Discover Your Tailed Beast
Your Kimetsu Academy Life (112)
Just for fun guys!
Ducan (3)
Discover Your Anime Magic Element (228)
Find Out Your Magic Element
What are Your Two Quirks (158)
Discover Your Two Quirks
What would happen if you met a Umineko c... (31)
Had you ever thought about the things you'd do if you ever had to meet a Umineko character?
Which GNG character are you? (12)
Find out which Ginga Nagareboshi Gin character you are!
Sketchy (41)
Sketchy bitch
Your life as Demon slayer (549)
Your life as part of demon slaying corps
haha you have been akichied (14)
haha you have been akichied
Which JJBA character are you? (80)
Find out which Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character you are!
What SideM idol type are you? (26)
Are you a Physical, Intelligent or Mental Idol?
Create your Shonen Manga Villain Self?! (137)
The dark counterpart to my previous Shonen Hero Shindan. Join the dark side of the ink that draws yo...
What does Day6 think of u (29)
Your Trainer Class + Signature Pokemon (5,588)
found out your trainer class and your signature pokemon!
Are you already dead? (93)
Find out using this!
Create your Shonen Hero self! (164)
Encompasses by the inks of Mangaka gods, you are now drawn into the pages of a shonen manga, destine...
Yass (13)
U die
Noodle for Thought (42)
idk what im supposed to write here
[Yakusoku no Neverland AU] How Smart are... (28)
It's time for a little test, children! Mama will give you several questions. So, are you Mama&#...
daily albatross pairing generator (74)
Pairs together a daily lucky combination of some version of Ros and Alba (from Senyuu) for you. Basi...
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