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Diagnoses on the theme of [Male].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Furry Personal Trainer (62,169)
You just hired a new personal trainer! Find out about him here.
Furry Roomie! (28,499)
You've just arrived at your dorm room & the other bed is still empty. You begin unpacking, ...
Your New Men&039;s Underwear Generator! (8,252)
Been wanting a new pair of undies to impress the guys at the gym, your mate, or innocent bystanders?...
Your Furry Male Fantasy Adventure Partne... (6,682)
Upon heading into the Tavern, you contemplate just what kind of partner you will encounter inside. H...
Your male self!! (6,176)
What if you were a boy - For girls ^-^ Just for Fun X)
Character Creator (Male) (3,434)
Male character creator
Find Your Furry Father (V2.0) (3,205)
Find out which finely aged anthro man cares for you, and how! Now with (slightly) improved results!
Your Furry Bodyguard (2,750)
In need of protection? Let us assign one of our many men to keep you safe! (Professionalism not guar...
Your Fantasy Name (2,478)
Male Version
Male Naruto character for you. (2,036)
¿Which Naruto character would sleep with you?
Furry Wrestling Tag Team Partner (1,845)
Meet your Bullwhip wrestling partner!
Female to Male Genderswap TF (1,525)
What would you look like as a man?
How big is your dick*****weiner whatever... (1,290)
Yes, this shit exists. If you want to, check my other shindans out.
Furry Blind Date (1,213)
You go on a blind date! Who do you end up with? [work in progress]
Your Dream Furry Bara (910)
You're out and about and you accidentally bump into someone, and you find them to be something ...
Your Fantasy Dream Guy (641)
For people who prefer males. :) This will create your dream guy.
Your New College Roommate (538)
It's your first day of college and you're about to find out who your new roommate is. Why ...
What is your Male Adult Dracozan OC? (49)
What will you look like as an adult, male member of the Dracozan Race? Race made up by myself.
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