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Diagnoses on the theme of [MUSIC].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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which nct song are you? (12,289)
*mark voice* it's a ~bop~
Your idol career (2,642)
What kind of idol will you be?
Your opening theme and ending theme are? (1,369)
Warning: It won't contain your favorite anime songs, Sorry. I put the names of what name they ...
What&039;s your theme song? (646)
Theme Songs! For you! Only EDM+ and unknown music are used. Because its the best *Opinion* Song - Ar...
A song for your ships! (1,417)
Whether real or fictional. Songs are of the EDM/Indie genre Listen to them on YouTube! Or look up l...
What is your Touhou theme? (2,441)
find out what stage and boss theme you'd have if you were in a Touhou game (already existing th...
Your NND Duet (2,228)
Find out your destined Nico Nico Douga duet partner and song!
your indie/lofi/alternative playlist (214)
You as an idol~ (1,306)
What will be your position? When will it be?
Your Own Song (710)
You have inspiration about writting a song. What will the result be?
What RWBY song is your theme song? (4,890)
Will include the ones that are known and trailer versions.
What kpop song are you? (6,701)
What song describes your life. OuO
Who&039;s your kpop bestfriend ? (610)
Let's see your bestfriend in kpop :)
voice test with musical Black Notes (128)
You sound like the sound of music. Do, Re, Mi, Fa, Sol, La, Ti, Do... ♪♩♫♬
your kpop playlist~✿ (109)
generates a kpop song list for you (includes b-sides and korean produced english/chinese/japanese so...
How well would you do on Produce 101? (2... (307)
A remade version of my old shindan If someone didn't know, Produce 101 is a competition show wh...
nct as your staff (1,887)
YOU'RE the idol this time
Which Music Genre Are You? (137)
I very much like to write Core with a capital letter...
*ight of *ights (ver1) (53)
Get your very own ight of ight riiiight here.
What Your Visual Kei SubGenre? (26)
I don't want write description...
Your Vocaloid relations! (142)
Find out your relations with Vocaloids/Fanloids/Utauloids for fun! XD Only the famous Vocaloids are ...
OTP Song (385)
Your OTP + Song = Result!! That’s how it works. You may or may not like or know the songs, I person...
cinderella girls unit generator (all typ... (386)
generate a random idol unit!
What&039;s Your Legendary Rock Band&039;... (603)
Congratulations, you're a kick-ass musician in a kick-ass rock band. But what did you name it?
What RWBY Vol. 2 Song is your theme? (2,527)
What song is best for your Parings? (1,497)
[Person 1 x Person 2] or their fandom shipped name thing My music tastes. Don't like it, I...
Are you hooked on a feeling? (447)
are you?
What is your theme song? (2,473)
It's not supposed to make sense.
Your theme song (1,676)
The name of your theme song
KPOPPER (1,994)
Listens to Korean Music
Who is Your Soulmate in AKB48? (1,781)
Find your soulmate in AKB48 ♥
Your Wind Instrument (552)
What wind instrument will you play in concert band?
Your Musical Instrument (1,375)
What musical instrument are you destined to play?
Vocaloid**** (6,156)
Who's gonna****you tonight?
What Japanese Idol will you be (1,092)
I swear it's not all AKB48
Your eccentric animal life! (1,236)
Find out what kind of eccentric animal you are, what you love + your theme song!
You in a band (3,902)
If you ever join a band what position will you have?
Which BTS Song matches with your name?! (96)
BTS music is life 💜💜💜
which song on fine line are you (220)
stream fine line by harry styles
What BTS song are you?? (150)
Including Mixtapes & Solo songs
What BG & GG should you stan? (82)
Both active & disbanded. sorry if I miss any ^-^u (Includes sub units)
which nuest song are you (698)
idk i'm bored
k-pop song recs ! (gg ver.) (111)
hi bebe if ur a gg stan and want to stan flop ggs or female soloists .. take this test to have taste...
k-pop song recs ! (bg ver.) (80)
hi poopoo this was dedicated to people who want to have taste. if u already know the song u got befo...
Dancer/Musician (33)
Dancer Musician Singer Gamer Maknae 16 Likes to eat
Musician/ Dancer (27)
Creates music 16 years old Plays guitar Games Sings Dances
Musician (7)
16 years old Small Creates music Can dance Sings
which got7 japanese songs are you? (72)
here’s what i’ve been doing instead of working on my assignments ur welcome
What&039;s Your 2020 BTS bgm? (104)
Which BTS songs will make up the bgm to your 2020? Find out here ꉂꉂ(๑˃▿︎˂๑)ァ,、'`
What % BTS songs are you? (170)
What's your inner rhythm? Find out your personality in BTS tunes~~ (o^^o)♪
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