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your LOONA compatibility! (1,380)
this is your compatibility with all girls of the month <3
which loona member's energy do you have?
Who in LOONA is your girlfriend (5,194)
Find out which Loona member is your girlfriend 👀
you as an loona member (6,626)
inspired by vulvacrat! <3
whos your loona bestfriend (5,268)
yo have fun
[LOONA] your solo debut song (4,139)
i love them hihi
who&039;s your loona soulmate? (4,018)
with all 12th girls!
1 loona by @hnjins
relationship with loona! pt2 (3,218)
bc yes
1 loona by @hnjins
your loona song! (1,392)
the title says it all
1 loona by @hnjins
relationship with loona (1,293)
between friends, lovers, neighbors and sister/brother!
1 loona by @hnjins
loona soft scenarios! (1,089)
its... soft... i think...
Your Loona Story (911)
how will your life with loona be?
loona as your twitter mutuals (368)
just loona being loona
which girl group are you? (309)
which girl group are you
where is ur pee stored (280)
100% accurate
ᴄʜʀɪssʏ ☾ (139)
stream kill this lovd
ur likelihood of beating loona members i... (133)
discover who to Fight.....and who to Fear......
who should u Stan (56)
sips tea but it’s unsweet
Congratulations, you are the 13th LOONA ... (23)
BlockBerry Creative has chosen you to become a new LOONA member.
Loonarmy Date (21)
What member of BTS or LOONA will take you on a date and what will you do?
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