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Diagnoses on the theme of [KnB].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Your Teikou Story (8,480)
Let the rainbow guide you.
Your KnB NSFW plot (8,422)
A random KnB NSFW plot involving you
kuroko no basuke date (´・ω・`)? (6,977)
Kiseki no Sedai Smut (6,023)
Who would you do what with and where?
Your Kuroko no Basuke holiday (4,428)
How would your holiday go with the KnB characters
Love in Kuroko no Basuke (1,199)
how's your life going to be in kurobasu
Sexy Times With Kirisaki Daiichi! (800)
also known as: sexy times with literal human garbage. sorry not sorry i love the trash babies
Knb husbando (456)
The title says it all
KnB RT/Fav game (339)
See if friends want to agree with your relationship to a KnB character.
Your KnB Family and What School You Ente... (191)
Includes the coaches and Alex. (Also Nash and Silver) Notes: I'm not inserting all of the chara...
เกมวันปีใหม่กับบอทบาส (39)
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