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Government Assigned Factkin (2,308)
find out your official cursed factkin right here (EDITED whenever i think of more celebrities)
fgo kin assigner (1,928)
find out now
your angel kintype (353)
find out your official, government-assigned angel kintype! no refunds.
Which owoflops™ admin are you kin with? (229)
Let's find out your factkin out of the admins!
Your Government Assigned Hetalia Kin (197)
i wanna die
Government Assigned Cursed Fire Emblem K... (165)
be forever burdened by this kin forced upon you
What will your next kin be like? (116)
Generator to tell you what your next kintype will be.....
feaniflas assigned kin (25)
Good morning kinnies, let's get this kin assigned. Want to know what feaniflas assigns you as? ...
Goverment Assigned Oni Kin (17)
and no i don't mean the characters. im talking abt the actual onis
Goverment Assigned AoOni Kin* (8)
*not actually the onis this time tho the oni is still 1(one) result you can get.
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