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Diagnoses on the theme of [Kancolle].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Kantai Collection Kancolle:kanmusu chara... (9,627)
What ship will you be in Kancolle?
Kancolle WAIFU (1,522)
You&039;re a ship in Kancolle now! (990)
Includes ALL ships! Abyssal and Kanmusu!
Abyssal Waifu? (777)
What kind of admiral are you? (584)
What Is Your Spirit Ship??? (365)
What is your spirit Kancolle Ship-girl????
Kancolle Fighting Tournament! (325)
When ships use fists!
Which Kanmusu Are You!? (321)
Hi boat-folk
Which Kanmusu are you? (262)
Which Kantai Collection Girl are you?
Which Shinkaisei-Kan are you? (202)
WO.. Wo!
Are you Kanmusu or Shinkaisei-Kan? (196)
Unite boat-folk!
E-1 summer 2014 (121)
AL suck sand shimmer show!
E-2 summer 2014 (79)
one sinking left between you and MI!
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