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1. Which NCT Member is Your Soulmate? (9,011)
Find out who's your other pair among Taeyong, Yuta, Johnny, Jaehyun, Doyoung, Mark, Taeil, Ten,...
2. What Is Your Kpop Stage Name? (380)
A brand new idol group is about to debut, featuring you! What is your awesome stage name??
3. Who is your NCT otp? (628)
which one will you get!1!1
4. Which K-POP group are you in? (49,394)
The K-POP group you would be in and what part would you have... [August 11, 2013 update] more groups...
5. kpop relationships (47,392)
Your relationships with some of the kpop boys
6. Who is your idol soulmate? (38,688)
Find out who you're compatible with
7. What is your future with EXO? (33,660)
Find out what EXO will have to do with your future ^.^
8. exo love (32,205)
a true story
9. Your Love Story in K-Drama (30,684)
Diagnoses your love story in Korean Drama
10. Dirty dirty B.A.P~ (29,176)
What will happen? >D
11. Scandalous Kpop Life (28,832)
Your (dirty) life as a kpop idol~
12. Which KPOP idol are you? (26,655)
Which one are you?
13. Conversation with KPOP idol (25,706)
How you will meet your oppars etc (fangirls only)
14. drunk exo (24,442)
story time
15. MASH-- with Infinite! (23,832)
How will your life be with your future husband from Infinite?
16. Your Ideal Boyfriend (22,009)
For kpopers and fangirl only :D
17. Happy Life With K-Pop Oppa! (21,719)
Your cute dream life with your k-pop oppa.
18. Date With EXO (21,215)
How will your date with an EXO member turn out?
19. KPOP Affairs (Male idols) (21,199)
For fangirls, be mentally prepared though. (Primarily SM Ent) *Please don't anti lol*
20. EXO Mash Game (21,169)
Title says it all. :D
21. Your life with BTS (20,414)
Who will you marry?
22. Life with your SMTown oppars (18,946)
As title. Nope you don't marry them here.
23. You're the newest EXO member! (17,919)
Find out your position and fanservice partner in EXO!
24. Your Confession to Oppa (17,346)
For Fangirls..
25. fvck marry kill [EXO] (16,901)
lets play!! (*^3^)/~♡ [please remember that this is all just for fun]
26. Your night out with B.A.P (16,781)
How did it go~?
27. YOU WANT THE D? [EXO] (16,335)
Who's D do you want?
28. Your Kpop lover (16,143)
Fangirls only LOL
29. Your KPOP Life. (15,891)
Will it turn out in your favor?
30. What fangirl are you? (15,876)
Find out what type of fangirl you are like ^^
31. Naughty Kpop Scenes (15,618)
See what the future holds for you!
32. Who is your K-pop soulmate? (14,779)
what does ur future hold ooOOoOOooooO
33. I Married a Bangtan Boy (14,674)
The story of you and your BTS husband.
34. Oppa Romance! (13,780)
Find your true Kpop lover
35. SHINee and You! (13,601)
Try =3
36. Who's ur bf in Super Junior? (13,381)
For ELF Just For Fun
37. Your Future Life with SUJU (13,375)
What will happen with your future life with suju?
38. Rainy day with Kpop idols (12,990)
Doing what, where and with whom will you spend a rainy day
39. If you were a Kpop idol (12,982)
Random. For both boys and girls
40. Kpop World Bestfriend (12,657)
your bestfriend in kpop world :D
41. Your Super Junior Baby Daddy (12,572)
42. Your Future (12,456)
let's hope it happens~
43. Infinite on ur bday (12,394)
What will they do on your birthday
44. who is your husband in EXO? (11,908)
let's see who you got to be your husband in EXO!
45. Kpop Duet (11,671)
What kpop idol are you going to sing a duet with and what will it be about
46. Infinite Secret Date (11,641)
Your date with an Infinite member! How would it go?
47. Date with SMent~ (11,560)
Where did you go?
48. Your date with B.A.P (11,096)
How will your date go?
49. Love Life with B.A.P (10,570)
Little love scenarios :)
50. Your Seventeen Husband (10,320)
17stans comeeeeeeeeeee
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