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How&039;s your date with BTS? (52)
What will happen on your date?
Who are you in BLACKPINK (150)
Who are you in Blackpink
txt as your twitter mutuals (1,781)
your interactions with txt on twitter !
What kpop idol are you like (boy vers.) (487)
Don't take it seriously,, just have fun
You and your kpop bias?(enter bias&039;s... (231)
Enter THE NAME OF YOUR KPOP BIAS (not your own name!!) and get your very own y/n scenario <3
Who&039;s your A.C.E bias and bias wreck... (231)
Who in K-Pop group A.C.E is your bias (and who is your bias wrecker).
Your own very weird encounter with GOT7 (469)
By very weird I mean so weird the results will probably make you wonder why I'm not in a psych ...
dalshabet as girlfriends (33)
who is who in your life? (dalshabet version)
Bruh, Idk (35)
Just, K-Pop Stuff. MOA and ARMY
Your K-Pop Idol (392)
Who are you as a K-Pop idol??
NCT Draw Your Life [PT.1] (757)
Find out whose your soulmate, boyfriend, and husband from NCT! :)
What kpop group should you stan?????????... (110)
What group???????
What K-POP position would you be in your... (299)
Leader? Maknae? Main Dancer? Lead Dancer? Main Vocalist? Lead Vocalist? Sub Vocalist? Main Rapper? L...
who in loona hates you (1,987)
who in loona hates you
MFK Pentagon (380)
Who will you MFK in Pentagon???
Idol profile kpop (588)
Your profile as a kpop idol
What&039;s your relationship with Xeno-T... (30)
Find out what these kpop boys mean to you...
hayo (3)
ai sei la
You as the K-Pop idol (1,478)
When you are matched with the KPOP idol
Who in BTS will you fight? (1,460)
Who in BTS have you mortally offended and what weapons will you use to duel them?
Which of my biases are you (796)
uwu have fun and stan imfact
Emma’s diagnosis (16)
Let’s see...
what&039;s up w stray kids (3,002)
idk whats goin on
What K-Pop Scandal will you be in? (5,645)
*MULTIFANDOM* Find out what the headline of your scandal will be! Some funny results
Wanna One drama cast (566)
Who would play which role in a K-drama with you as the lead? The drama is a romantic one with an ele...
Japanese idol generator [fem.] (292)
A generator for female japanese idols. NOTE: The dates may be unclear (ex. February 31). If a date c...
Shinhwa Bias List Oracle (52)
You're tired. Done. Had enough of OT6 ripping your bias list and hearteu to shreds time and tim...
K-Pop Idol Profile (4,203)
your life as a kpop idol
Who&039;s your husband in JBJ (629)
Who's your husband in JBJ
Your relationship with k-pop girls (4,222)
Your relationship with pentagon (3,873)
Discover your relationship with pentagon!
Your relationship with stray kids (19,825)
Guess stray kids' members roles in your life!
Your WANNA ONE bias (8,082)
Who should be your bias?
Your ONF bias (341)
Who should be your bias? (We don't use stage names in this house!)
Apink Album Title Generator (157)
Who is your Pentagon bias? (3,676)
stan these wonderful boys pls
who is you lover?
Your Monsta X bias (7,737)
Who should be your bias?
Who&039;s Your Seventeen Desk Mate? (3,208)
If you were in the same class as Seventeen, who would be your desk mate?
What underrated K-Pop group are you? (1,250)
You know the drill~
Day with Cross Gene (378)
You are one of the lucky people who gets to meet with Cross Gene. Congratulations, now let's se...
Your EXO Couple (4,464)
Here is your future
exo stuff (3,517)
u kno
SUJU dorm~ (1,039)
what awaits you in super junior dorm? *FANGIRLS ONLY* some might hurt you though
Valentine&039;s Boyfriend (Kpop) (1,416)
Boyfriend takes you on a valentines date...
BTOB Imagine (621)
Imagine you and a BTOB member on a date.
Who is your BTOB husband? (1,296)
Find your true match among the members of BTOB.
your future with b1a4 (768)
Your life with iKON (15,532)
Who is who in your life
HOTSHOT bias (577)
Who should be your bias?
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