[Joke] diagnoses on that theme

Diagnoses on the theme of [Joke].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
19 results returned
Government Assigned Factkin (3,313)
find out your official cursed factkin right here (EDITED whenever i think of more celebrities)
What's your problem? (3,077)
You've got some issues, man...
Instant Shakespearean Insult Machine (1,194)
Generate a sick Shakespeare-inspired burn!
Am I a useful human being? (863)
Have you ever think about how much of a joke your life is? Do you often find yourself wondering abo...
Duel generator (606)
Who will you face in the ring of honor?
Who&039;s the only person in the world t... (563)
which digimon r u (482)
oh man i cant wait to see
your better look (460)
you will look better if... ((this is a joke!))
What kind of alcoholic drink are you? (338)
You're a new drink everyday! (Bonus! You get a small snack too!)
0 Joke by @bun8un
kawai radarr!1!!!! (328)
how kawair ar u??
What kind of person..? (323)
Are you a dumbass, a top, a bottom, a smartass, a bastard... or a weeb?
shitty kin assigner (284)
except this time they're not all from sitcoms
What percentage of gay are you? (258)
This is a joke quiz, please don't take it seriously.
can you eat a fortnite (234)
do you want eat the fort tight in russia?
[Soul Eater] What Dr. Stein diagnoses yo... (216)
You go and see the doctor for a check-up...
What is your PP energy? (198)
Find out your PP energy here.
look at the title, now back at me, look at the title.
You are now a bean! (152)
who the****are you (133)
who are you
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