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JoJo&039;s Bizarre Ship Generator (93)
Crack ships, crack ships, come get your crack ships! Randomly chooses 2 JJBA characters from ALL par...
Which Character from VA make out with yo... (68)
See which one of the food men or good boys will rut against your sexy self
Which JoJo character should you simp for... (221)
[MAJOR UPDATE]: Now includes every JJBA character (2 results, all characters and major only)! Daily ...
Your life in JoJo&039;s Bizarre Adventur... (223)
Find out how your life will play out in JJBA! What role will you take, what part will you be in, and...
How strong is your stand? (612)
Find out how strong your stand would be in JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
u as a jojo character (209)
information taken from jojo's bizarre wiki and the superpower wiki (:
Who do you kin or simp in JJBA (528)
Hello ("OwO")
What is your JoJo stand ability? (3,418)
Here in this test we will see what your stand ability is.
Your love with Jojo villain (693)
this love is taboo. *sniff*
Lets be the original Jojo! (487)
If you're one of Jojos, what kind of Jojo will you be?
Let&039;s create your stand! (Descriptiv... (848)
The original kind of stand within you, wanna know about it? (kind of descriptive, please credit me i...
You as a JoJo character (1,440)
Might add more later.
Wich JoJo reference suits you the best (831)
There's no way!
What’s your JoJo character and Stand (1,098)
Find out your JoJo name, and stand. Also find out if your character is a hero or villain.
Who’s Your Original JJBA Protagonist? (1,035)
Find out your original character, part, and Stand ability.
whats your jojo boyfriend???? (913)
oo uwu is it giorno joyleeneee jotaro or jouske or mnore o-o
Which JJBA character are you? (812)
Find out which Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character you are!
What would be your Stand be if you were in JJBA?
Your True JJBA Kin (1,678)
its literally only the bad characters
what&039;s your jojo&039;s jjba bizarre ... (2,200)
had one before? too bad, this is your true kin.
Who is your stand waifu? (2,091)
Jojo stand waifus... for some reason
Which stand would you have? (8,793)
You've been pierced with a mysterious arrow, granting you an ability known as a "stand&quo...
Which character are you from JJBA ? (5,263)
Find out who you would be ! ( up to part 6 )
What stand do you have? (6,311)
Which Jojo villain is your husbando? (15,355)
Main villains only
JJBA stand generator! (63,388)
randomly generates a stand.
What would you do if you were a JJBA cha... (2,205)
whatever lel
Which JJBA OP/ED are you? (2,988)
includes yt links.
Which Jojolion character will hang out y... (2,280)
Who wants to hang out with you
What kind of Stand do you have? (JJBA) (3,990)
Stand Proud!
JJBA Part 9 generator (3,529)
Enter your name and reveal your role as the protagonist of part 9
Which Stand will you smooch? (2,450)
Smooch the stand! They also need some love ❤
Who&039;s your Jojo daddy? (15,014)
Find out which JJBA character is your daddy. (2/3/16: added more daddies)
What is your JJBA stand? (14,346)
Including name, ability & stats
which of brunos gang are you most like? (5,478)
which one...
which jojo loves you (14,936)
which jojo loves u......
Who is your JJBA girlfriend? (11,818)
which lovely jojo lady are you dating
Who&039;s your La Squadra boyfriend? (7,752)
which one of those weird food men from part 5 are you dating
Who&039;s your favorite Jojo? (4,470)
exactly what it sounds like
pannacotta (774)
Japanese language version → http://shindanmaker.com/330403
which stand do you get killed by (5,103)
which jjba stand kills you
JJBA OC Generator (36,879)
Get your Jojo's Bizarre Adventure character! (with stand)
Who is your JJBA boyfriend? (55,772)
Find out which character from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure is deeply and undeniably in love with yo...
Stardust Crusaders Stand Name (1,770)
Enter your name and get a stand title in the Stardust Crusaders style.
Who is your Jojo waifu (10,025)
which jojo character are u going to marry
can YOU beat a jojos (8,090)
you vs a jojos see how you fare in the fight
Which Jojo is ur forever love (18,023)
find out which jojo character u will be w/ together forever!!
What's Your Stand? (5,394)
Find out your Stand's name and what it would able to do. ORA ORA ORA!
Your Stand (10,448)
Find out what's your stand and what are its powers!
What is your stand? (159,916)
Find out what your JJBA stand would be.
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