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Diagnoses on the theme of [If_aligned].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Whats your type? (323,662)
What type of person are you into?
Personality Alignment- cursed edition (322,084)
find out how cursed, uwu, soft, horny, feral, baby, chaotic and stupid you are
~Sub or Dom Chart~ (49,593)
Are you a sub or dom? a top or bottom?
~What is Your Alignment?~ (20,171)
Are you chaotic good? Or neutral evil? Find out here!
What Vibe Do You Give Off? [real] (101,068)
What vibe do you give off? This one gives actual results rather than "subscribe to Kurtis Conne...
Edgy Levels (33,087)
What makes you edgy?
Alignment Percentage (5,427)
Find the breakdown of your alignment
What is your alignment? (4,002)
as the title says
Your Fire Emblem: Three Houses Alignment (1,582)
Which house would you belong to in Fire Emblem: Three Houses?
which blmatsu are you (1,065)
What are you destined to be? (1,054)
You are destined to be a
Lesbian Alignment (997)
What kinda lesbo is you
Which Osomatsu-san Character Are You? (982)
How much of a Liberal are you (679)
Find out you fuk tard
True alignmet quiz babeyy (521)
how quirky are u gamers
how would u taste as a candy (396)
yummy also i was bored and didnt know what to do
Battle Stats (370)
Yep another one (This is my first)
specific aesthetic alignment (298)
because why not?
Ur mom
what crime are you guilty of? (251)
find out what crime you are guilty of (just for fun)
Grandma or Baby (244)
Are you grandma or baby
baby meter (235)
find out how baby you are
what&039;s your legacies ship (214)
do you have taste
How sexy are your feet? (202)
Truly, how SEXY are YOUR feet?
which one of this prehistoric overlords ... (200)
in the prehistoric time there were countless wonders and terror but only seven gods: Tyrant king: T....
how cursed are you (146)
how cursed are you? wanna know?
how feral apeshit are you (146)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's feralness
i can shoot the legs off JD (102)
Diagnoses your [Killing]
what MBTI personality type are you? (100)
what MBTI personality type are you?
How bitch are you? (84)
r u bitch?
uhhhhhhhm (83)
are you komaeda (51)
are you? do you like fingers in your ass?
Purple (48)
babies (47)
what kind of baby are you
Gamemind (44)
Uhhhhh idk (42)
which fructose admin are you? (40)
Velcro Man (38)
A man with a pink shirt
Alex lol (27)
ooohhiuyyytcyuh (18)
how taroocoey r u today? (17)
find out RIGHT NOW!
honkai impact generator (15)
play honkai impact
Alex Sh (14)
I’ll kill a nigga before I beef wit em
PND (14)
Pretty cool dude
How much does ducky love you (13)
bitch, or babie, if i love you, i love you
Are you a Rin Bootlicker? (12)
Are you?
If You Were In Some Manga/Anime (10)
This is a very VERY vague character creator and pretty unhelpful if you want a specific design but y...
Mariii (9)
Uh spotlight uh moonlight
Andrea Diagnosis (9)
Test1321313 (8)
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