[Ichu] diagnoses on that theme

Diagnoses on the theme of [Ichu].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Aichuu Marriage simulator (1,343)
What would happen on your wedding day with the Aichuus Edit: 10/18/2016 Alchemist added
What if the aichuu&039;s confessed to yo... (1,213)
Find out how will an aichuu confess their love to you
I-chu producer&039;s death generator (1,128)
You die, killed by an I-chu. Find out who does it and how (results change daily)
Which i-Chu are you most like? [POLL] (1,043)
no kuma just ichus (hint: make a poll)
Your aichuu OTP (1,017)
Great for crackships
Aichuu Soulmate (966)
Pretty self-explanatory
F/M/K Aichuu edition (945)
The name says it all
Aichuu 50 disks scout results (918)
Did you get the card you wanted?
Aichuu Generator (822)
become an aichuu! (feel free to send more suggestions to me!)
The I-chu&039;s helping you with homewor... (816)
Will they turn up good or will they cause troubles?
Birthday gift generator (746)
Find out what do the ichu's give you for your birthday (mostly random objects chosen on the mom...
Sleepy Time with Aichuus (727)
You fall asleep on an aichuu. What do they do?
Aichuu&039;s Ideas of Seduction (675)
I really don't even--
Which ichu will take care of you if you ... (601)
The title says it all.
Which Aichuu would you fight? (506)
Fighting the aichuu may or may not be harder than it seems. Edit 10/17/2016 With Alchemist.
Your I-chu team of the day (319)
For when you're bored from your usual teams. Taken from https://shindanmaker.com/593388
Aichuu Rap Battle (301)
U ready for this m9
Who are you in Ailedore? (289)
If you're not a Producer, that is. Maybe working with Producer, who knows?
Which I-Chu Unit do you belong to? (274)
just make a poll with the results
Aichuus Meet Pepe (237)
Pepe memes are literal satan tbh
Dessert with the IChus (193)
Eat some desserts with IChus
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