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Diagnoses on the theme of [IDOL].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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your life as an kpop idol (111,697)
have fun! :D
ur stray kids compatibility ? (36,330)
is felix gonna fortnight dance w u or yeet u into the next existence? find out :)
your career as a kpop idol (119,952)
see title!
your bts energy! (59,713)
find out which type of energy you radiate heehee
What Is Your Kpop Stage Name? (54,823)
A brand new idol group is about to debut, featuring you! What is your awesome stage name??
Which KPOP idol are you? (35,705)
Which one are you?
Who is your Love live waifu (27,210)
this is serious business
how would u do in a produce 101 program (26,601)
whatever happens in the end just blame mnet
ur compatibility with got7 ? (25,039)
let’s go shoebills ...
idol profile (23,397)
your profile as an idol group produced by Akimoto Yasushi. can find out your graduation reason here:...
Your Kpop Idol Profile (17,275)
If you were in a Kpop group, what kind of idol would you be? (This is like my only serious Shindan s...
School Idol Self-Insert Generator (15,998)
be your own best girl!
Idol Unit Name Generator (15,736)
Confused as to what to name your unit? Maybe just need some inspiration? Or maybe you're just c...
Your Idol Profile (13,135)
If you were an idol, you'd be...
Who is your 48 Family waifu? (7,635)
Check your future 48 family wife! (Luck Test!)
what’s your GOT7 energy (7,378)
stan talent stan GOT7
Which Love Live: SIF Girl Are You? (7,024)
Enter your name to find your inner idol!
Your K-Pop Idol Life Quiz! (6,374)
See what your life would be like as a K-Pop idol!
Love Live - Fateful Meeting (5,315)
You bump into one of the Love Live girls...what will happen next?!
Which CINDERELLA PROJECT idol are you? (4,425)
Find out which idol of the THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls main anime group you are. Answers change...
MASH, 2012 nugu idol edition! (4,296)
Play MASH with 2012 nugu oppars :D
your kpop girl and boy (4,195)
results change daily!
your stray kids energy! (4,018)
find out which type of energy you radiate!
Uta no Prince-Sama - Romantic Gesture?! (3,386)
An expanded version of the character kiss scenarios, with a little less romance and a lot more humou...
Idol generator!! (2,924)
Yourself as an idol boy/girl? Or a new OC? You decide!
Uta no Prince-Sama - A day with an Idol (2,633)
You get to spend a day with an UtaPri idol. How does it go? (Could be pretty hilarious!)
Your idol career (2,532)
What kind of idol will you be?
Uta No Prince-Sama - Caught in the act! (2,455)
An idol sees you do something with another Idol...what happens!?
bts - life as a kpop idol (2,426)
yea the title says it all :)
Graduation reason (2,330)
whats the reason?
Uta no Prince-Sama - You&039;re under ar... (2,141)
For those who've played my Shindans, you'll be well aware that they never abide by the law...
Wanna One as people in your daily life (2,107)
find out
Welcome to Utapri World! (1,919)
If you were part of the Utapri universe, what would your role be? And what would the boys think of y...
Uta No Prince-Sama - Secret Rendezvous (1,825)
You meet up with an idol in secret...and do what!? (May contain everything from heart-thundering rom...
Which iMAS Cinderella Girl Are You? (1,808)
Find out which of the many iDOLMASTER Cinderella Girls Characters you are. Changes Daily!
AKB Dream Date (1,644)
Your date with a cute AKB idol.
GOT7 cheering you on! (1,613)
ahgases never forget got7 love u!!!
A Fluffy Date with an Utapri boy!! (1,531)
Unlike a certain other person's shindans (looking at you @grinnsley) this one is going to be pu...
Utapri Pairing Situation (1,497)
You walk in on two of the boys...doing what?! (nothing nsfw, don't worry these are pure bois)
Your School Idol Personality (1,489)
Why are the Utapri boys angry? (1,380)
What have you done to annoy these boys?? A silly collab with @grinnsley because these shindans were ...
PriPara Idol Unit Generator (1,374)
Part 2! Now, with unit members and more!
Your post-apocalyptic Idol OC! (1,368)
The world has gone to ruin, and you're a cute idol girl! What kind will you be?
Your Utapri Admirer? (1,337)
Is there an utapri boy out there who likes you? Could it be you're already married? (Almost ent...
Your JKT48 Member date (1,209)
Your SatNight date with JKT48 Member ^^
Utapri Shuffle Unit!! (1,195)
You're in charge of writing a song for a new shuffle unit involving STARISH and Quartet Night!!...
your verse 2 energy (1,146)
jj project r best boys
your kpop soulmate! ♡ (1,145)
♡ Find your ideal K-Pop best friend in this accurate diagnosis! ♡
Keyakizaka crush (1,136)
which keyaki member has a crush on you? and who is your crush? Lets find out!
Are you a hard stan or a soft stan (KPOP... (1,135)
Find out if you’re a hard stan or a soft stan when it comes to your oppars and unnirs 🤪
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