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Diagnoses on the theme of [HypMic].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Hypmic Life (2,166)
Find out your life in the hypmic universe 👀
A Hypmic Date (3,719)
You're going on a date with a Hypmic character! How will it go? (Includes the main 6 divisions ...
Hypmic Soulmate (and other things) (7,070)
This diagnosis is only for fun, and is prioritized for Hypmic lover ;)
Which hypmic division suit you the most (1,377)
Who is Your HypMic Family? (5,820)
I'm inserting husband, child, brother, and also pet. Don't worry, this is just for fun :D...
Your Assigned Hypnosis Mic Kin (4,085)
Homies we are.
Which HypMic Character Are You? (6,112)
Find out which HypMic character you are
Hypnosis Mic OTP (2,223)
This Shindan will expose your Hyp Mic OTP. Jiro and Saburo are not included.
Hypmic Romance (Choose Your Own Love!) (610)
**Note: Do NOT enter your own name. Enter your fave hypmic character's name instead!!!!!!** A r...
What hypmic character will give you on y... (784)
16% chance of getting something 'good'.
Hypmic BL Generator (402)
It's gay. that's it that's the shindan
Welcome to the Division! (628)
You're in the hypmic universe! Congrats! Who are you and how will your life turn out?
Hypnosis Mic - A Day out (721)
Welcome to the Day out Division! (Contains British Shops, so apologies if you do not recognise them)
Hypnosis Mic -A. R. B.- DJsona (1,505)
Discover your generated hypmic DJ original character
Your Hypnosis mic bestfriend (1,689)
Sorry for my broken engrish and many typos _(:3ゝ∠)_
Confess To HypMic Character. (3,952)
What will they react? (I'm inserting Nemu too, btw) Edit: New division too. + Ichijiku + Otome
Hypmic Valentine&039;s (1,575)
Hypnosis Mic Valentine's
Your HypMic Ship (2,126)
Warning: Includes all 18 main characters.
HypMic Relationships (3,958)
Your Relationships with HypMic characters
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