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Diagnoses on the theme of [Husband].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Who Is Your Child and Husband?? (59,994)
Husband-EXO Child:BTS
Your Tales of Husband (4,014)
Tells you which guy from a Tales game you'd marry
Your (kemo) husband generator (2,420)
Who will your perfect husband be? (R-18)
What Will Your Future Husband Be Like? (2,287)
What your future husband will *probably* be like~
My EXO husband (2,261)
My husband
What male character in RWBY is your husb... (1,855)
:) Just like the others.
A Husband for You (1,196)
One fresh husband, please
Your Destined Digi-Husband (813)
Who will be your Digi-Husband?
Your NU&039;EST husband (491)
Who&039;s your Soccer Spirits Husbando? (378)
Only 5-6* characters included.
Tiger & Bunny Husbando Generat (362)
Diagnoses who your Tiger & Bunny husband would be!
Your DW-RPF Future Husband (136)
Find male character of DW-RPF that will be your husband! <3
TaiBani Husband & Hobby (106)
Your TaiBani Husband and their Hobby
Who&039;s your Homestuck wife/husband (80)
homestuck waifus
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