[Gundam] diagnoses on that theme(Favorite)

Diagnoses on the theme of [Gundam].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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What is your waifu? (NSFW) (840)
What kind of Waifu are you?
Mobile Suit Pilot Generator (1,743)
Randomized MS pilot generator. For the MS itself>>>https://en.shindanmaker.com/a/591140
Mobile Suit Gundam Generator (5,732)
Randomized mobile suit generator. For the MS Pilot>>>https://en.shindanmaker.com/591149 [IN...
I Am Gundam (7,490)
Diagnoses the mobile suit you pilot and your callsign
Have a Gundam (751)
You now have a giant rohbit
Your Waifu in Gundam (986)
Waifus and Rohbits? Yay!
Gundam and Gundam characters (764)
Favorite Gundam series and character for today?
Mechitter (3,164)
What mecha will you pilot? (Updated 5/4/12)
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