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Multigenre Oc Maker (48)
Generates an oc
-Personality Breakdown- (231)
Originally a test but is now a personality breakdown
Made this just for fun and because I love bandori !
The Box of Painful Junk (Weapon Generato... (21)
What weapon shall you wield? Come forth to the shiny box of pointy and blunt hurt-y junk to achieve ...
✩ ocsona generator (for the gals) ✩ (39)
nsfw // recommend me some more stuff to add darlings
(APH) F❤︎CK! MARRY! KILL! (186)
ok you nematodes, the real big question: which three hetalia characters would you marry, kill, and d...
Monster Hunter Monster Generator (82)
Creates a monster hunter monster name and stats from your name. You can also use this as inspiration...
House generator (80)
Everybody needs a place to live. 1=Bad. 100=Amazing.
K-pop idol generator [fem.] (148)
A generator for female kpop idols. NOTE: The dates may be unclear (ex. February 31). If a date comes...
Persona 5 Phantom Thief Character Genera... (36,136)
Your very own Phantom Thief! This generates a Phantom Thief from their codename to hair color. I rea...
Fire Emblem Fates Character Maker (114)
Basically what the title is (plus DLC). You can use this for character concepts and whatever. Sorry ...
anime girl oc generator ♡ (892)
just for inspiration/fun (´͈ ౩ `͈ )
Zootopia Oc Generator (194)
Enter a name and find out what your Zootopia Oc will be! Feel free to leave your results and sugges...
Build-a-Babe (Female) (172)
Test your luck! Put in a name and Build a Babe!
Create-a-goth (139)
Want to generate your own goth Character? Well here you go! BTW guys this is female only! I'll ...
Original Monster Character Generator I (119)
Generate your own Monster character!
Dragalia Lost Adventurer Generator (3,277)
What's your Adventurer Stats?
Trollsona Generator (151)
generates a Trollsona/Fantroll
Mermaidsona (137)
I guess find out what mermaid you are!
Splatoon OC maker (Simple) UPDATED (2,315)
Generate yourself a custom squid-kid or octoling! Very basic for now, but I'll update it!
Steven Universe Gemerator (393)
This is to assign you your Gem and which Diamond you serve for the Discord server Steven Universe Ro...
Generate-a-character (153)
Need a random character? We've got you covered! enter a name and get a randomly generated chara...
Star Trek Civilian (48)
Who would you be in the 24th century if you're not in Starfleet?
Girlfriend Generator (464)
Tiddy size and all that shit ya'll
What Perim tribe do you belong to? (28)
Of the five warring tribes of Perim, which do you allign yourself to?
Create A Demon! [Dwarf Fortress] (223)
Enter the name of a demon or demon species you want to make! Heavily inspired by Dwarf Fortress.
Nuropas Character Generator (37)
A detailed character generator
Idol generator!! (1,715)
Yourself as an idol boy/girl? Or a new OC? You decide!
Cryptid Lore (6,740)
whats the towns local legend of you?
MLP OC gen! (602)
Mlp character generator for all your MLP oc needs!
One more random oc generator!! (213)
My first shindan, I hope you like it!! ✨ time to see if this will give you an interesting result!
Magical Girl OC Generator (1,037)
random magical girl concept generator
Short Boyfriend Generator (1,857)
based off of wrangelisland's Tall Girlfriend Generator
PMMM OC Generator [Part 3] (438)
Why she became a magical girl, why she continues to fight, and her ultimate fate.
PMMM OC Generator [Part 2] (536)
Includes outfit style, colors, weapons, and accessories.
PMMM OC Generator [Part 1] (573)
Your new Magical Girl's genetics (eyes, hair, body type, ect)
Mythical Humanoid gen. (842)
you as a mythical humanoid! updated frequently.
Come up with a My Hero Academia quirk! (2,835)
Stuff to help me come up with a quirk for an oc, have fun trying it out!
Character Generator :-) (1,043)
Detailed character generator
Gemsona Randomizer (1,070)
Generate a random gem, placement and weapon to create your own unique gemsona!
epitaph generator (963)
You died. SCORE: 0. RESTORE - RESTART - QUIT ? Let's see what's written on your grave...
Homestuck Character AU Generator (405)
What should you draw/RP/write about in Homestuck?
Dragon Generator! (1,723)
What kind of dragon are you? What would you look like?
Original OC Character Generator (7,231)
Generates a cool and original character for whatever your need may be!
Naruto OC Generator (10,407)
many many many results
Pokemon trainer generator! (3,264)
What is your color inside ? (683)
And how this color feels ? Don't worry, it's all for fun ! :D
Weeaboo anime OC generator (988)
like, yknow, nyah
Mary/Gary-Sue Generator ! (634)
Sometimes, let's just have some fun :p
Randomized Character Generator (996)
A randomized character creator!! You can use it freely!! :3c If there are any questions, just ask me...
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