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Your Pokemon Team! (4,929)
Your very own Pokemon team!!
Your Roguelike Death (4,514)
Sadly, your journey has come to an end. How the heck did THAT happen? Find out now!
What are your Persona 4 Game Stats? (2,684)
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Which Tales protagonist are you? (794)
Tales of Life (probably the worst entry in the series)
Darius Boss Maker (741)
You're a Villager from ACNL (571)
You've just moved in to somebody's village! Nice to meet you!
Your League of Legends Husbando! (510)
Which male League of Legends champion is the perfect match for you?
Danganronpa oc female or male (463)
Creating your new Danganronpa oc of any gender
Inadequate dungeon loot (398)
Need before greed
DMC love (374)
Find out which DMC character you'll be in love with today!
How skilled in games are you? (229)
Ever wanted to know how good you're at video games? Or WHY you're so talented or gifted?
0 Gaming
What kind of League Player are you? (165)
Find out what kind of league player you are!
Starcraft II Strategy and Outcome (69)
Something I made for fun. I was formerly a Starcraft II player but stopped playing. Find out if your...
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