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1. Your status as a servant (48,704)
Generates your status as a servant
2. Video Game of You (31,825)
A video game about yourself
3. Your Future Life with SUJU (13,615)
What will happen with your future life with suju?
4. What Pokémon are you ? (5,532)
What Pokémon are you ?
5. Who is your best friend in Undertale? (4,608)
A little late to the party, but let's just see who will ended being your best friend. If anyone...
6. Vocaloid situation game (3,624)
find out what your situation is!
7. Which FE:Fates do people see you as? (3,352)
Enter your name and put the options in the form of a poll, post it on twitter to see how everyone se...
8. Your RPG Stats (2,841)
What are your RPG stats?
9. Persona 3 Love Story (2,144)
Your love story in Persona 3 (for girls)
10. which SDR2 character are you? (2,083)
which SDR2 character are you?
11. Your otome game! (1,925)
Which famous otome game is the most suitable for you?
12. Yet another damn RPG Shindan (1,887)
Find your class, level and alignment!
13. What is your quest? (1,741)
Maybe find the Holy Grail?
14. NPC Companion Stats (1,676)
The latest big MMOs have been adding an NPC with your name! See how each implements you into the gam...
15. Your Pottermore OC (1,460)
Find out how your original character looks in Pottermore.
16. Robot anime maker (1,408)
Turns your name into a robot anime title.
17. Enstars event prediction (1,357)
idk hahaha who need event prediction when u can be a productive member of society
18. which DR1 character are you?? (1,344)
which dangan ronpa (dr1 only) character are you
19. SRW original robot name generator (1,228)
Generates an original robot name based primarily on SRW stuff.
20. What's Your Demonsona! (1,220)
There's a lot of Sona's out there, fur, cat, dragon, nurse ,witch, persona and now demon! ...
21. Who's your Morenatsu husbando? (1,216)
Only out of the original 9, no sub-characters!
22. Fantasy Caracter Generator (1,187)
Make a character for a story art whatever
23. Your FNAF boyfriend/girlfriend!! (1,125)
i love fnaf and i love the animatronics so here you guys go............ i left out some so sorry.......
24. What if the aichuu's confessed to y... (970)
Find out how will an aichuu confess their love to you
25. I-chu producer's death generator (833)
You die, killed by an I-chu. Find out who does it and how (results change daily)
26. Death By Waifus (808)
how will you die? who will spill your blood? find out here
27. Aichuu 50 disks scout results (773)
Did you get the card you wanted?
28. F/M/K Aichuu edition (722)
The name says it all
29. The I-chu's helping you with homewo... (647)
Will they turn up good or will they cause troubles?
30. If you were the Dmmd Protagonist [R18] (636)
What would your fate be if you lived in Dramatical Murders game as the protagonist with Scrap power?
31. Shindan Roulette (581)
Spin the Shindan! If you live, pass it onto another player. [RESULTS CHANGE PER DAY]
32. Birthday gift generator (576)
Find out what do the ichu's give you for your birthday (mostly random objects chosen on the mom...
33. Daily Color Mood (573)
Your color mood for today is ...
34. What game should you play? (569)
Bored?Well pick up a controller and check this shindan out
35. What is your FFXIV Job and item level? (564)
Find out your FFXIV job, and how good your gear is!
36. Your Life: Life is Strange (563)
Fixed the title. If you don't know about Life is Strange check it out because it's awesome...
37. Plants vs. Zombies (538)
If you were a zombie, what kind of zombie were you? What plants would probably kill you?
38. your encounter with an enstars idol (505)
What will happen when you meet one of the boys from this hellish school? (not including teachers)
39. Which ichu will take care of you if you ... (483)
The title says it all.
40. Your S.P.E.C.I.A.L. stats (406)
Find out how well you'll survive on the Wasteland with Vault-Tec's S.P.E.C.I.A.L. system!
41. What will you end ur sentence with ?? (374)
this shindan shall tell you what to end your sentences with for the next hour. whooo
42. Your Elsword Date [for boys] (358)
Well you girls can try it too~
43. New TRIGGER Group? (321)
You get to decide who is in the new TRIGGER group? Who do you choose?
44. Castlevania Shindan of Titles (295)
Can you generate the title for IGA's next CV game?
45. The Oregon Trail (295)
How will you fare on the journey to Oregon?
46. League Of Legends Laning Phase (260)
Laning Phase time.
47. Your Elsword Date [for girls] (255)
Well you boys can try it too~
48. What will your game avatar look like? (253)
Who will you be O_o
49. Your I-chu team of the day (244)
For when you're bored from your usual teams. Taken from
50. Random Danganronpa 2 scenario (243)
WARNING: Very random lelz
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