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Serene Forest OC generator (39)
This diagnosis will generate you a Serene Forest OC.
You&039;re A Fruit Now (568)
You got berry inflation'd. But what berry, exactly?
What’s fattened you up? (590)
Let’s face it...You got fat. Let’s find out how you managed it, and how much bigger you’ve gotten!
How do you die die die die (148)
die die die die die
Dungeon Toon Sim (175)
You are in the cartoon world, entering a dungeon. What lies ahead, who knows?
Random Inflation Generator (405)
This diagnosis gives you a random type of inflation.
TF Helping Hand (387)
Get transformed by a cute helping hand.
Furry Dilf Generator (Adult) (357)
You come home to find YOUR NEW HOT FURRY DAD.
Furry Jock Generator (Adult) (261)
Big and beefy jocks ahoy!
Furry Art Concept Generator (Adult) (111)
Useful for generating concepts for furry art.
Anthro Body Swap Interlude (234)
You swap into an anthro character.
Animal Crossing Shrinkage 2.0 (1,122)
You were fishing, hunting bugs, fruit collecting, whatever, when you suddenly shrunk down to a small...
Wut pewcentwige of fuwyy awe yuw? OwO (476)
Yuw cwan fwind owt how mwuch of a fuwwy yuw awe! OwO *snugglez*
How furry is you (492)
You will figure it out
Shrunken in a House (VORE) (412)
You don't remember falling asleep, but when you wake up you find yourself in a house, shrunken ...
Male Furry Date (223)
a blind date is a good way to try something new. Now, think about that with big fluffy boys. Better,...
Your Furry Adventuring Companion (225)
Get a randomized furry buddy to explore the world with and maybe make out a little.
Your life in Cherryton School! (Beastars... (644)
This will sort your species, your role, your friends and many more!
My Fart POV (Die Maus Edition) (159)
He’s Farting On You, You Like To Explore With Your Favorite Character as You Can, Paws Up! (Warning:...
Protogen oc maker (385)
Make a protogen oc if you dont have ideas
farm animal furry tf wg (392)
WIP. Just a lil thing! CW: Mind changing, weight gain.
Animal Crossing New Horizons 🍃 (266)
Updates to come as I complete title achievements. Time traveling to nab some extra.
Your Male Fetish Furry Friend (435)
You go to school every day, but... what if you have a apreciar furry friend who left you do whatever...
Male Furry Moba Character creator (165)
If you want to make a furry Moba game, you will need ideas. I will give you some, but the rest are y...
Furry GF Maker (135)
What abomination of nature are YOU going to be dating?
Your Male Furry Pokemon Trainers (154)
This is an only man version. For the gay ones or the girls if you want
The Wholesome Homos (273)
The Wholesome Homos, people in the server sit or get sat on.
What Furry Herm Mom Are You? (363)
Become your final form: A hot Anthropomorphic Mom with a dick! Care for your 'kids' (read:...
What is your furry name (82)
What is your furry name?
Your Encounter With Coach Night! (1,018)
Your senior year at school is going well and you can't wait to graduate! However there's o...
Your Furry Pokemon Trainers (377)
A new world is open like a book to you. Now you’ll meet 5 new furry friends and complete de pokedex....
Your Biker Mouse From Mars (61)
Your arrival on pitstop has you partnered with one of the numerous Bikers.
Furry RPG Gay creator (300)
is time to make a team and defeat the evil!
HEAVY NSFW, Homework Tutor (938)
You had some issues with your homework, so you go and get someone to help you out.
Random Fursuit (152)
A day with a random Fursuit.
A night at the gym [Furry NSFW] (1,817)
You went to the gym late today,
NSFW Love hotel with your furry college ... (1,813)
You and your furry college roommate decide to go to Japan for the 2020 olympics. But hotels cost all...
fursona maker :3 (1,693)
find yr fursona!!!
puppy oc generator - pupsona (86)
make yourself a pupsona! not breed specific
What race are you in Pevrea? (71)
In Sparse, what kind of animal or creature would you be? Thanks for following the Sparse series and...
Lucky&039;s Furry TF clinic thing. (383)
My challenge to any furry transformation artist is that if you decide to use this make art of you TF...
Furry Date Story [NSFW] (607)
Explore your furry fantasies and potentially kinky ending of a date with an anthropomorphic characte...
Protogen fursona Generator (2,951)
A simple generator for a protogen fursona
How Floofy are you? (681)
How floofy are you?
TF Slot Machine (Animate Anthro) (1,766)
Spin the wheel and see what you end up with! (The % category determines the intensity of the transfo...
TF Slot Machine (Inanimate) (1,392)
Spin the wheel and see what you end up with! (25% and under makes you fully animate, while 26%-75% a...
fur yourself! (159)
turn yourself into a furry, make a fursona, or whatever. feel free to change the data you got a litt...
Character Transformation Suit (934)
What Happens When You Wear a Character Fursuit And Turn You Into Your Favorite Character from Cartoo...
Furry OC/Fursona Generator (307)
Put in a random name, and this will generate
Your Furry Fetish Adventure (611)
What Happened When The Furry Fetishist (Including Pauli Edwards, Bob Gronso, Luna McHowl, etc.) Were...
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