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Diagnoses on the theme of [Funny].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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How much you fap? (53,943)
Just for boys, obviously.
What should I draw today? (2,195)
Write your OC or Character name and check how you should draw him ♥ Let these sentences inspire you-
What percent thicc are you (13,066)
This diagnosis uses a list of numbers 0-100 to generate the user's "Thicc Score."
Your signature move! (6,504)
your very own attack
Your deepest secret (2,045)
What is your deepest secret?
What&039;s your useless superpower? (9,550)
Based on a funny pic.
You got the power (2,055)
Well, you seem to have magical powers!
What's your problem? (2,788)
You've got some issues, man...
Kris has something to say! (3,854)
You'd better listen.
if you were y/n (432)
ur finally y/n!! whats ur story about, whos ur love interest, what type of character is y/n this tim...
Random Fantasy Scenario (174)
Just a fun little fantasy scenario generator.
A Day With Seventeen (715)
I tried to make it funny so I hope y’all enjoy! (btw I used their real names because why not) (this ...
where are you supposed to live ? (750)
your future boyf/gf (2,607)
You&039;ve got mail! (674)
Someone has something important to tell you!
Acid trip (2,057)
What Your first hallucination will be
homestuck fsmc (16)
fsmc means****suck marry cuck
Corn Tiddies Simulator (63)
A simulator for a group of crackhead friends!
What kind of squishie are you? (345)
Squishies are soft and squishy foam like toys shaped like various things from food, candy, animals t...
What kind of character are you? (240)
Find out what kind of character you
What the Naruto girls think of you (1,243)
Basically the description is the title.
Your previous life (1,205)
What did one of your many past incarnations look like?
Instant Shakespearean Insult Machine (883)
Generate a sick Shakespeare-inspired burn!
Fnaf oc new (990)
Fnaf oc Generator
What&039;s your animal mixture? (1,589)
Animal mixes!
Genny&039;s Other FNAF OC Creator (198)
Another one! This time, you are the animatronic! Think up a name because it's going to be your ...
Booty Master (886)
What is your level of BOOTY MASTER?
lover maker!! (833)
enter your real name to see what's your lover gonna be!!!
Which meme are you (1,475)
u mad?
Random "Thing" Generator (757)
Something weird happened... (2,027)
Who are you going to meet (1,532)
So who are you going out to meet today?
What kind of Doitsu are you? (2,964)
Doitsu- a fish or a Japanese word for Germany
Brother-Sister Bonding (1,947)
How do you spend time together?
Fabmeter (1,878)
How fab is you?
How many toes? (46)
How many toes do you have on one of your feet?!
Welcome to Shindaaaan (15)
This is my first time making one of these be nice
whos ur government assigned twilight kin (30)
Well..... ?
Click click (9)
what kind of FISH would you be (50)
Fellas is it Gay (244)
Bonersoup (32)
This diagnoses uses the chart function =CHART() in order to create a radar chart.
How cursed are your memes? (85)
How cursed are your memes?
what&039;s your future job (60)
it's just for fun ^0^
don’t call me “gen” (8)
sleepy baby who can’t close her eyes bc the caffeine makes her crave love
sarcastically relatable (41)
Dedicated for user wongyukheyi. Contains sarcastically relatable but funny phrases for you. i hope t...
Create your very own Anime (159)
Let the generator make an anime for you.
New Year&039;s Eve with NCT (1,080)
things get crazy when you're all drunk.
What Anime Character are you Shindan (135)
Oh my god how could you?! (1,736)
Well? What horrible thing have you done this time?
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