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1. How much you fap? (13,158)
Just for boys, obviously.
2. What's your useless superpower? (7,282)
Based on a funny pic.
3. How Stupid are you? (6,325)
are you smart or stupid :D Just for fun ^-^
4. Your signature move! (5,390)
your very own attack
5. What your future holds (4,711)
6. Who would you twerk on? (4,557)
Who would you twerk on? (Idol edition/result changes daily)
7. Kris has something to say! (3,483)
You'd better listen.
8. The Horrible Fetish Randomizer Machine! (3,322)
Step inside this awful machine and be transformed into something terrible with a digusting fetish
9. What kind of Doitsu are you? (2,542)
Doitsu- a fish or a Japanese word for Germany
10. What's your problem? (2,281)
You've got some issues, man...
11. What pervy anime character are you most ... (1,873)
:D find out your level of pervyness with anime characters!
12. Something weird happened... (1,767)
13. Brother-Sister Bonding (1,719)
How do you spend time together?
14. Fabmeter (1,595)
How fab is you?
15. What's your real age? (1,463)
Is your current age the correct one? (I tried my best to be funny)
16. How hot are you? [TEXAS EDITION] (1,383)
17. Acid trip (1,377)
What Your first hallucination will be
18. Your secret idenity/habit (1,371)
I know it (Warning : Some mature content included)
19. You got the power (1,347)
Well, you seem to have magical powers!
20. Who are you going to meet (1,345)
So who are you going out to meet today?
21. What should I draw today? (1,249)
Write your OC or Character name and check how you should draw him ♥ Let these sentences inspire you-
22. Your deepest secret (1,217)
What is your deepest secret?
23. Which meme are you (1,095)
u mad?
24. Your anime protagonist self! (1,039)
Check it.
25. What's your animal mixture? (1,031)
Animal mixes!
26. Random adventure (885)
You may meet new people,meet old people,or meet a clone.
27. Your previous life (789)
What did one of your many past incarnations look like?
28. You run into a kpop idol. Who is he/she? (620)
Bc you're an idiot, u run into an idol while walking (lucky bitch) but who is he/she???
29. Howw will you die? (612)
How will you die fairly simple all in good fun
30. lover maker!! (604)
enter your real name to see what's your lover gonna be!!!
31. You've got mail! (597)
Someone has something important to tell you!
32. where are you supposed to live ? (507)
33. Booty Master (497)
What is your level of BOOTY MASTER?
34. In the butt (449)
What did you put in BAP members butt?
35. What to do...? (443)
What ridiculous demand will be made for you today?
36. Duel generator (399)
Who will you face in the ring of honor?
37. Random "Thing" Generator (383)
38. your future boyf/gf (372)
39. Whats your true birth name? (367)
Whats your true birth name? Find out :))
40. h0w MLG r u m8? (349)
h0w MLG r u rillee
41. Fnaf oc new (337)
Fnaf oc Generator
42. Instant Shakespearean Insult Machine (337)
Generate a sick Shakespeare-inspired burn!
43. What are you? (extremely random) (327)
What are you? (extremely random)
44. What the Naruto girls think of you (309)
Basically the description is the title.
45. How cancerous are you? (265)
Read the title.
46. Your date with Fem!Link (259)
Again? Yes.
47. Vocamania Waifu (255)
And more!
48. Your Crappy Chinese Takeout Restaurant! (254)
You've always had an admirable open your very own crappy Chinese takeout resdauran. ...
49. Random Thing Happens 4 (179)
Making these things are fun. c:
50. What will you do in [this amount of time... (175)
This is just for fun and should not make sense. I did get some suggestions while making this. :)
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