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FNAF Animatronic Kin (126)
Find out what FNAF animatronic you kin
-- FNaF OC Generator -- (182)
This is going to be very detailed! I'm mostly going to use this for myself, but it would be int...
FNAF Game Name Generator (941)
Do you need a good name? Just enter your main character's name, and see some names.
Yet another FNAF OC generator (523)
Idk, I needed some ideas uwu (All the establishment names came from the Fantasy Name Generators webs...
RedDevilBonnie (39)
RedDevilBonnie is my YT channel name and Twitter account. I just want to make this for my YT front p...
Fnaf ocmaker (182)
Put a name you are thinking of an put it in to have you oc
FNaF OC Generator! (1,069)
Apologies if this isn't the best! I just joined n I wanna test it out, and get the hang of thin...
FNaF thingy 2 (277)
Doing another on here cause not many for ppl that would work at the place so yeah, might add more st...
FNaF thingy (386)
First time doing this but yeah want help making a FNaF animatronic OC? Or ya just bored then do this...
Fnaf OC generator or something like dat (877)
Well, this will (obviously) create you a unique animatronic OC for your own! ;)
what&039;s your role in fnaf (1,633)
fnaf out what's you role in to being a night guard or one the main charter's
which fnaf charter are you (1,118)
want to find out who you are in fnaf ? how find out !!!!!
fnaf night guard oc creater (1,539)
need help with making a night guard oc ? well you in luck my friend case this well help you
FNaF Robot Generator (8,875)
For develobing a FNaF Robot. Mainly for me.
FNAF Boyfriend/Girlfriend (And how it go... (3,564)
Your Five Nights at Freddy's date! I tried to get as many of them in this as I could!
Your FNAF boyfriend/girlfriend!! (1,991)
i love fnaf and i love the animatronics so here you guys go............ i left out some so sorry.......
Fnaf oc new (1,320)
Fnaf oc Generator
Which of my FNAF OCs are you? (682)
Well let's see!
Random FNAF Character (24,535)
Picks a random FNAF character from a list of existing FNAF characters (not including the Adventure a...
What is your FNAF animatronic "type... (1,824)
Type in the thing you like to do most. What animatronic would you like to be with most?
Night Guard Genarator (2,087)
For my RP: Rough Shift If you want to RP with me, come and join: http://rinmarugames.com/forum/view...
Animatronic Generator (3,221)
For my RP: Rough Shift If you want to RP with me, come and join: http://rinmarugames.com/forum/view...
Would you survive the night? (FNAF) (1,188)
Just a little thing that shows you what'd happen if you/your character entered the FNaF univers...
Nightmare Animatronic OC Creator (3,578)
This generator will create a Nightmare animatronic for you. Created in honor of FNAF 4 Trailer.
FNAF Animatronic OC Generator (37,004)
Enter your name, and this generator will create a FNAF OC from it!
See what animal and colour you are, and if you are a toy, withered, or original.
How long do you survive FNAF? (4,405)
This will see how long you can last in Freddy Fazbears Pizza!
Endey (423)
FNAF person my own
Five Nights at Freddy&039;s Character Cr... (4,397)
Can't get any inspiration for a FNAF character? This generator will help inspire you to create ...
FNAF OC Creator (114,525)
Five Nights At Freddy's Original Character Creator :)
How was your week at Freddy&039;s? (3,290)
Could you get your paycheck at the end?
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