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Diagnoses on the theme of [Elsword].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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Elsword Soulmate (2,451)
Which Elsword character is your soulmate?
Which Elsword Character are you? (1,240)
Which one are you? Post your results on the thread!
Elsword Character Generator (1,183)
Generate your own Elsword character with three different job trees!
Which Elsword character will marry you? (519)
Which of the playable characters will you end up marrying?
Your Elsword Date [for boys] (478)
Well you girls can try it too~
What Kind of Elsword Character Are You? (413)
Find out how you'd protect Elrios or destroy it.
Pick your Elsword Path (374)
Having trouble picking your Elsword path? Maybe this'll help!
Your gay elsword OTP (346)
includes selfcest too LMFAO
Your Elsword Date [for girls] (343)
Well you boys can try it too~
Elsword Crush (326)
Who likes you and who you like. Includes all classes.
Are you Lu or Are You Ciel? (286)
Elsword's new character is here!~ Which one are you?
Which class are you bad at playing? (281)
Which Elsword girl loves you? (251)
Which girl loves you?
Which Elsword Character Would You Be? (174)
Click here to find out.
Your Date with the Elsword gang (108)
Describes your date with the 3rd job path Characters.
What Elsword character+class are you? (79)
More specific than just the base characters! Nisha + Daydreamer & Lu + Ciel are separate pulls.
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