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What is your Avatar element? (30,198)
Bender, what bender? Where bender? Why bender?
What is your Element? (7,513)
Classical Element Matcher
Elemental Compatibility (1,799)
try it out.
Manipulation Ability (1,292)
What element do you manipulate?
What is the Element your soul controls? (937)
Everyone's soul has a little bit of magic. What element would your soul be drawn to the most?
Which elements are you? (818)
Find out your primary and secondary elements.
Magic Fighters (801)
How would you fight as a mage?
Full-Time Magister Element Affinity (486)
Quanzhi Fashi
Elemental Compatibility (2) (342)
just another one
Seven Elements (110)
Ice or Fire? (48)
This is for my own personal use. I doubt anyone else would find a use lol.
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