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Diagnoses on the theme of [Dragon].Shows diagnoses taken by the most people (we currently highlight popular diagnoses).
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YOU ARE A DRAGON~! (7,274)
Don't eat me.
Dragon Transformation Magic (4,408)
Should you desire the power of the draconic race then place your hand upon the Dragon Pearl, but be ...
Dragon Kidnapping (3,062)
What dragon will take you home tonight?
Dragon Generator! (2,414)
What kind of dragon are you? What would you look like?
What kind of Dragon are you? (2,009)
Just a small thing
Dragon TF Potion (1,133)
Who will drink this questionable dragon TF potion? It hasn't been tested on humans yet, so it m...
FR Dragon! (flight and breed only) (382)
This time with no genes or colors listed.
What dragon are you on Flight Rising? (361)
Find your FR dragon!
~What kind of dragon are you?~ (350)
~Hello my new dragon friend, why don't you introduce yourself. Ah! So let me get this straight....
Pet Dragon Creator (314)
Make your own dragon friend!
Your FR Dragon! (colors only) (281)
Find out your Flight Rising dragon--this time with no genes listed. Colors are listed in Primary/Sec...
FR Dragon! (genes only) (250)
Find out your Flight Rising dragon--this time with no colors listed.
Dragonoid Character Generator (198)
Find your inner dragon! Or y'know, make an OC
What Flight Rising dragon are you? [publ... (141)
An updated version of my other FR tests. As the dragon, color, and gene count grows, I've made ...
What Dragon Cave dragon are you? (91)
Ever wanted to be a DC dragon? Here you can be
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