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Survivors Dogs OC Generator (169)
Create your own OC based off of the Erin Hunter series, Survivors! Generate a basic description here...
Survivors OC Generator (250)
Survivors is a book series created by Erin Hunter about dogs surviving after an earthquake destroys ...
Dog Generator (486)
This is a generator that generates almost everything about a dog. Hopefully you can get a mix breed!
What is your dog name be? (422)
If you were a dog, find out your new name!
do you REALLY like doges????? (89)
what doge are you (577)
be a dog????
What Hybrid Dog Breed is right for you? (225)
Hybrids are cute. Google the images. :)
How dog are you? (1,084)
Find out how dog you are!
Create a diagnosis
Make your very own diagnosis!
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