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Find out your DMMd husband! (2,761)
Who is your yaoi husband???
F*ck, marry, kill!!!
Your DMMD OTP! (1,087)
hell yea hell yea hell yea
If you were the Dmmd Protagonist [R18] (830)
What would your fate be if you lived in Dramatical Murders game as the protagonist with Scrap power?
How character of DRAMAtical Murder are y... (700)
An uke like Aoba... A moai like Mink...
Dramatical FMK (479)
Well? Aren't you curious?
Who is your DMMD husband? (414)
Your husband from DRAMAtical Murder.
DMMd Fanfic Prompt Generator (339)
Get prompts from here:
0 dmmd
How Minkdere are you? (318)
1 dmmd by @masasei
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