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Ominous Fortune Generator (104)
In an old tent found in an abandoned circus, a man in a blindfold claims he can see into your future...
Which disease or conditions do you have? (106)
Do you have Coronavirus or the legendary Bubonic Plague?
What is your anime death? (7,062)
Find out when you'll die in an anime.
Die the die of die (64)
Smelly rat will die
What is your fate in Danganronpa? (3,726)
You were dragged into a Danganronpa killing game... Did you survive? TW: DEATH AND SUICIDE
Pineapple fanta (29)
A mess
How are you going to die really? (184)
Learn how will you face death to be prepared!
Your Character&039;s Fate (129)
See how your character dies, big oof, also this is my first so like, expect nothing really
Your death headline (916)
What will the news headline be when you die?
How will you die in a mythological situa... (141)
Perhaps it will be your Achilles heel. Maybe you will be smote down. Find out today!
What Disease do you have? (260)
A test that'll tell you what Disease you have, and some random info about it
when will you die (100)
hopefully soon
How will you DIE?!? (315)
how will u ded...just say this no real ha ha
Fate/Heroic Spirit Ultimate Shindan (324)
Your details as a Heroic Spirit, from the Fate/ series.
Sequel to "DO YOU DIE AT THE END OF SEASON 1?" by KittenClover
What Meme are you? [FIXED] (160)
Fixed for @polypholly cause she only added one result.
R E T A I L L Y F E (72)
Your purpose, experience, and eventual end within the Wonderful World of Retail™.
Dumb Bee Deaths (83)
Obituary for your bee's latest death.
epitaph generator (1,891)
You died. SCORE: 0. RESTORE - RESTART - QUIT ? Let's see what's written on your grave...
The Ultimate Fortune-Teller of Death (228)
How will you die? Get in inside scoop from the greatest fortune teller in the world! Is this your de...
Who will kill you (270)
This is a Off au thing i guess-
What were your last words? :o (1,593)
because we needed another one of these
Your horror movie fate! (868)
Do you make it out alive, or are you just another victim???
How or Why will you die? (751)
gore warning i guess .. ?
How will you die, inevitably, in XCOM (619)
it's all in the title, bozo
What type of ghost are you? (1,274)
Left behind on a world no longer your own, you roam the land, your soul searching for release...
How will you REALLY die? (293)
The only accurate one.
0 death
What caused your death, and what were yo... (1,557)
Well, title explains it. Wtf is the desc for.
How are you going to die?? (613)
The title says it all. If you're gonna get butthurt over the answers, leave bruh. It's d...
Cause of death generator! (17,502)
How does you're character(or you) die? UPDATED BECAUSE OF POPULARITY, 3/14/18: Choking and suic...
How are you going to die (687)
Find out how you're going to die (it's a joke (obviously))
Overwhelming Odds (375)
You're in a fight and the odds aren't in your favor; do you survive?
Murdered by a Yugioh Character (666)
Warning: consensual murder
When You Die And How (375)
You&039;re playing Dark Souls. What kill... (764)
Enter your name, and let the cruel world of Dark Souls decide your fate.
how will u die in game of thrones (435)
how u gonna die bro
What age will you die? (6,907)
Just the most accurate results out there.
Murdered by an Idol (7,765)
Looks like you've possibly died at the hands of an idol. I wonder what happened... [Warning: co...
How are you possibly going to die in the... (661)
the title says it all. so sorry.
How Your Life Will End (2,582)
Death is a nasty thing... But no one knows how they will die?
How will you die today? (1,536)
Ever wondered how and if you will die today? Well now here is the answer! Take this and you will be ...
How would you die? (1,170)
Will you go out with a bang, or a whimper?
Ensemble Stars End (9,180)
It seems like you've passed away...how will the Enstars boys react?
Death By Waifus (1,017)
how will you die? who will spill your blood? find out here
What will be your cause of death? (500)
title is self explanatory....
What Creepypasta will kill you? (1,203)
What Creepypasta character will kill you, and how?
What is your cause of death? (1,272)
Find out how you will die! Such pleasant information, yes?
How will you leave this world? (764)
Precise calculation (nope) of how you'll die.
How did you die in your past life? (1,308)
How did your past life end?
How did you die? (537)
how ded you died did deded. Great for OCs. Put them in here. Cry. You're welcome. Be aware some...
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