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Your Ultimate Weapon (27,588)
What is your ultimate weapon?
Your best weapon and your most powerfull... (4,471)
Show your hidden power!
Random character Maker (3,452)
Shindan to help you decide on your next character creating (results changes daily and its totally ra...
Rounded Character Personality (1,043)
A simple shindan to give a name some positive and negative traits.
Magic Fighters (801)
How would you fight as a mage?
Apocaworld (233)
Random character creator for Apocaworld
Your Robot (205)
As a genius inventor, it's only natural you decided to construct a robot companion. How did he ...
Feral Cat Generator (197)
Want a new cat character for any reason? Here ya go! (Fur Colors borrowed from http://1.bp.blogspot....
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